New Yorkers are, by nature, active people. It's no wonder that when many women learn they're pregnant, curtailing their workouts is just not an option. Prenatal classes are few and far between, and most focus on more subdued endeavors like stretching and breathing.

Michelle Mason, the general manager at NYC's women's-only gym, Uplift Studios, says that giving up your regular workout practice is not required. "Exercising throughout your pregnancy can definitely help you feel better and help you enjoy your pregnancy more," says Mason, who also happens to be pregnant with Baby #1. She adds, it may be necessary to make modifications. "There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to enjoy most of the same activities that you did pre-pregnancy, as long as your doctor is okay with it. You should also really listen to your body during this time, and scale back the intensity depending on how you're feeling."

To show how easy it can be to give your workout the old change-up, Well Rounded NY is teaming up with Uplift and Fitbump for an evening of exercise, fitness fashion, healthy food and delicious mocktails on Wednesday, Aug. 14. Get your sweat on, then do your body good with some snacking and sipping at Uplift’s beautiful Flatiron studio. Sign up here.

If you’re jonesing for some action before the event, check out Mason’s tips on how to adjust a cardio workout for your new pregnant condition. And don’t miss our #Workyourbump Twitter chat with Mason and the ladies of Fitbump where we’ll be talking about more pregnancy modifications and the importance of hydrating during pregnancy on Monday, August 5th at 7:00pm.

How much cardio should you be doing while pregnant?

Depending on the frequency and duration of the exercise, you can safely perform cardio most days of the week. A minimum of three days per week, 30 minutes in duration is recommended.

How do you know if you're staying within a healthy range of activity? What are the signs you need to slow down?

Some doctors will recommend you wear a heart rate monitor during cardiovascular exercise to monitor intensity. However, most healthcare professionals agree that worrying too much about your heart rate during pregnancy is outdated, especially if you were fit beforehand. This is one reason why it's so important to talk to your doctor about exercise during your pregnancy. Pay attention to how you are feeling during your workouts; work at a level that is challenging but leaves you feeling energized, not exhausted, and make sure to stay hydrated to counteract the water loss due to sweating during your workout.

What are some great cardio workouts/exercises that are safe for pregnancy, especially as you get bigger?

Walking, riding the elliptical, taking a spin class and swimming are all great lower-impact cardio workouts that are safe for all stages pregnancy.

What cardio workouts/exercises are particularly beneficial for a pregnant woman?

Doing any of the above-mentioned cardio workouts are beneficial for pregnant women. They will all help with endurance during birth, will help keep you fit during pregnancy and help you to bounce back from the birth faster.