Pregnant brain, mommy brain, whatever kind of brain you’re dealing with at the moment, we know it’s hard keeping track of what day it is -- or season, for that matter. That’s what holidays are for though, right? To remind us of what we should be doing at that moment? And holidays on Pinterest -- well, that’s the motherlode. For instance, we totally forgot about summer until we saw all that white blazer Pin-love leading up to Memorial Day. It gave us hope that summer days were right around the corner. Then Summer Solstice (not exactly a holiday, we know) threw everyone into high gear, and had us booking summer weekenders before it was too late. But July 4th says, “We’re here, we’ve arrived, we’re in the heat of summer.” So, we hope you take it upon yourself this long weekend to do as much or as little as you possibly want. Here are a couple of our favorite ideas, guided by some awesome Pins. If you’re pregnant for the first time you may want to grab a good book and take in some quiet moments out East. Maybe even stir up a little drink for yourself. Even if you can’t booze it up, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your beverages. Maybe it’s your first time heading to the beach with your little one. Make sure you have lots of sun protection, a great blanket and a cute pair of sunnies. And if you find real life versions of these, you win best new parent award. Sometimes the best plan of all is actually staying close to home and enjoying the empty streets of NY on a holiday weekend. We just hope the rain gives us a little break. But if not, hey, I guess it gives us time to work on perfecting this and this. Oh and these. Us? We hope to be doing a lot of this. Just on, like, a bed or something. So, forgive us, but we won’t be posting again until Monday. We’ll miss you too. Happy 4th of July!!! For more 4th of July Pins from WRNY click here.