There's a little secret that all new moms learn fast (pregnant ladies, earmuffs!): babies are all-consuming. Emotionally of course. Yes, you knew that was coming. But they also get the lion's share of your wallet. Meaning, mama could definitely use a treat. Good thing the holidays are here! To put together our New Mom holiday gift guide, we turned to a Hailey Andresen of Household Mag. Hailey is one of those gals who you see on the street and you can't help but blurt out something like “OMG, you are so cute!" or “You look amazing!" even though you've literally never met her before and you probably should have used your inside voice instead. Maybe because she's from Phoenix, so she's just sweet and down to earth. Maybe it's because her site, Household Mag, does such a great job of welcoming us all into her Brooklyn life. Or maybe it's because despite having 2-month-old Owen by her side at all times, still manages to look super-chic and put-together...on her site, Instagram feed, and yes, in real life too. As she preps for the holidays with her new family of three--"I am looking forward to decorating the tree and our home, and to creating new traditions in the kitchen!"--Hailey shared her wishlist of treats that are for new mama and new mama alone.

1. InterDesign 6-Peg Wood Storage Rack. I know everyone and their mother has a peg rack on instagram, but I can't help but love the way it looks. This will be an easy trick when it comes to keeping hats, scarves and sweaters up off the floor this winter.

2. iBlock: a cutting board by bkbutcherblock. This would be super helpful if you're planning on hosting any events this season. Keep your phone handy as guests arrive and your tablet handy displaying recipes/playing music. Plus it's made in Brooklyn. 3. Madewell Transport Rucksack. A stylish bag that can also function as a diaper bag on days that your load is a little lighter. 4 Madewell Flea Market Flares in Kara Wash. High-rise flared jeans to tuck in that post pregnancy tummy and to dress up your denim. 5. Nesting Twiggy Fawn Stack by foxandthefawn on Etsy. Simple rings that don't snag or have the potential to scratch your little ones. Photography by Amy Frances.