If you’ve been to one baby shower, you’ve been to them all: the predictable teeny, tiny food, the wishing well, the diaper cake centerpieces, and the linen tablecloths, all in alternating shades of pink and blue. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Juliet Totten and Sierra Yaun, owners and creative directors of Poppies & Posies, one of New York City’s premier event designers in New York City.

To complement their rustic floral design and vintage tabletop and prop rentals, the duo recently added a new element to their artistic affairs: a custom textile collaboration with Stephanie Singer-Eventov. “Prints can add an individuality and uniqueness to an event and a room, just like they can to a piece of clothing,” says Singer-Eventov. “These prints are a sort of ‘adult eye candy’ for a baby-focused event, and they make timeless decor for a child’s nursery and, eventually, bedroom. Since they are customized, they become more unique and special for you and your child.”

A brand new mom, Singer-Eventov shares her design inspiration for Poppies & Posies’ three new textile collections and gives us some tips on turning your baby shower tabletops into unforgettable nursery accents that even your grown-up friends will covet.

How to use patterns and prints at your baby shower

Our top pick for showers is our Graphic Collection, which includes the most whimsical prints. They can be interpreted beautifully for baby showers in so many different ways. They can be used as textiles such as table runners, napkins, pillows and backdrops, or for paper goods on invitations, place cards, wrapping paper and thank-you notes. The prints as paper goods could also be used as decorations by folding the printed paper and making orgami swans or bunnies to hang off trees or chandeliers. You can even use the printed paper to make cones stuffed with candy for party favors.

Using prints for nursery accessories

The prints would be fantastic for all nursery textiles, such as crib sheets, changing pad covers, pillows, swaddles and burp cloths or bibs. Of course, there is the fashion of babies too -- you can never have enough cool printed onesies, diaper covers and bloomers!

Using prints for nursery artwork

One of the ways I used my prints in my own daughter Aria’s nursery, was by printing them out and framing them. I really explored using a variety of print styles and matching them up in cool frames to create a wall that is unique and special for our baby. As she gets older, should we decide to change the room up, we can always switch out the prints, but I feel that these are timeless and will last a while. It is very special to me to surround Aria with a visual array of beauty that I created from my heart.

Repurposing baby shower decor

When using decorative items for an event, such as a baby shower, it is always nice to be able to incorporate them into your home afterward, as a memory keepsake. This is one of the reasons we do offer a buying option for this line. Pillows could be used in the nursery or even in another room in your house. A table runner can be remade into some kind of clothing item for the baby. Decorative shower origami can become a mobile, or you can simply frame the printed paper and create wall decor. The options are endless...

Pricing available upon request. Contact Poppies & Posies at 347-709-0762, info@poppiesandposies.com. poppiesandposies.com.

Photos by Belathée Photography.