There's nursery personalization and then there's nursery personalization. Sure, anyone can throw a letter up above the crib and say it's for baby, but when you make it yourself, well, that's a serious personal touch.

This week we're introducing our new friend Lindsey Crafter, a jack of all DIY trades who will be treating Well Rounded NY readers to baby and maternity friendly crafting projects in the months to come. As her first task, Lindsey's going to help you go above and beyond personalizing baby's nursery with DIY Pom Pom letters. Here's how it's done.

How to DIY a pom pom initial for your nursery

Supplies needed:


1. Use a pom pom maker (I used Clover) to make pom poms in a variety of sizes and thread colors. There are multiple ways of making pom poms using your hands or cardboard--but in a case where quantity is the objective I recommend using this clever tool.

2. After following the instructions for making your pom, trim the shaggy threads to create a uniform length. Experiment with different thicknesses of yarn to create different sizes and textures of pom poms.

3. After arranging their placement on the cardboard letter, simply hot glue into place.

4. Prop up on a dresser or add a ribbon to the back of your letter to hang on the wall.

Stay tuned for more fun DIYs from Lindsey Crafter for Well Rounded NY.