The holidays bring with them a whole host of new, festive cards. Some well wishers, save the date’s for annual Christmas parties, or even, celebrations for a baby’s first Christmas. They’re all so pretty to look at and of course they carry memories worth keeping so, figuring how to display Christmas cards is probably front and center on your mind.

There are plenty of ways to display Christmas cards. Whether you want the merry and joy front and center in your living room or in a lovely bowl on the kitchen island for everyone to gather around, the hard part is deciding which ideas to go with. We’ve rounded up a variety of different styles that show you how to display Christmas cards for all to enjoy. Check out these photos and find the one that works for your home.

12 creative ways to display Christmas cards

1. Christmas card garland

2. Taped to the shelves

3. A chicken wire display of delights

4. A Christmas cards tree!

5. Say it with tassels

6. A wire tree to display your best cards

7. Held by a ribbon

8. Clipped under the cabinets

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9. Christmas card wreath

10. Entry way mirror

11. With a little help from your Halloween decorations

12. Clipped to the clock

A version of this post was published November 2, 2022. It has been updated.