Let’s be honest, your thumb isn’t exactly a shade of green, is it? Don’t worry, just because you killed that self-sufficient succulent doesn’t mean you won’t make a good mom. Now that you’re pregnant, you might even be thinking it’s a good time to nurture something before baby arrives, so why not give it a go with another plant? Redeem yourself! But maybe this time around, buy a plant with a little more...resilience. Not because we don’t trust you or anything, but you’ve got a lot on your plate. And baby brain is for real, woman! Still, that’s no reason you shouldn’t show all those naysayers who said you couldn’t keep a plant alive that they’re totally wrong. Plus, plants can be great for air filtering! We turned to the lovely experts at the one-of-a-kind plant delivery service The Sill to give us their picks for the top 5 plants for Baby Brain. Here’s what they said. 1. Bromeliad, Bromeliaceae This tropical-looking houseplant provides a punch of color that can liven up any space, especially a nursery. Its exotic foliage thrives in indirect light and moderately humid conditions (if you don’t have a humidifier on-hand, simply mist your bromeliad with a spray bottle once a week). 2. African Violet, Saintpaulia Great for a sunny windowsill, an African violet is easy to grow and flowers readily in bright light. It likes to be kept moist, so water weekly and mist occasionally. It’s somewhat-constant bloom can add a stylish touch of color to any room, while its soft, fuzzy leaves make it child-friendly. 3. Boston Fern, Nephrolepis exaltata This easy-to-grow fern thrives in indirect light and moist soil. It’s drooping nature makes it perfect for a hanging basket or pedestal. We’d place it in a corner to soften a room’s harsh edges. Added bonus: they act as living humidifiers. 4. Spider Plant, Chlorophytum comosum This very resilient houseplant is tolerant of neglect! It can thrive in full sun or full shade. A spider plant’s new growth resembles little spiders (FYI – these ‘baby plants’ can be rooted easily) so we’d place it on a high dresser, and let it droop over the edges! 5. Dracaena A tolerant houseplant, a Dracaena is a perfect option for a floor-sized plant. An added bonus: NASA says it will clean your indoor air! A Dracaena is known for removing xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. Visit The Sill and find out more about them and their services!