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We've KonMaried. We've arranged our books in rainbow order and adopted clear bins for storing all the things per The Home Edit. We've bagged hand-me-downs and mustered the energy to declutter all the things. We know we're not alone with our urges to redecorate and restyle our entire home. But one never-ending quest? Toy storage that's stylish, functional and easy for kids to actually use. (After all, it's not just your job to clean up, my friend.)

Honestly, why didn't anyone tell us that along with having kids, you'd also acquire SO. MUCH. STUFF?! Tackling your kids' clutter is no easy feat. That's why we're big fans of toy minimalism whenever possible, but sometimes you just need a place to hide the blocks and all of those teeny, tiny figurines.

We hear you. Here are 17 of our favorite stylish kids' toy storage solutions to help you get organized in no time, mama:

Yamazaki kids parking garage



1. Kids Parking Garage

If you’ve got a Hot Wheels or Thomas fanatic, this storage turned play shelf is a must-have. The marked spaces make it easy (and fun!) to keep organized while the bottom shelf offers a place to zoom, race and crash their mobiles.

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

Open Spaces


2. Entryway Rack

The versatile and stylish Entryway rack from the swoon-worthy Open Spaces look amazing in any room of the house, but the low profile really shines in kid spaces. The powder-coated steel minimalist shelf comes in five colors (dark green, navy, light blue, cream and light pink) and the brand offers a variety of compatible bins to keep smaller things organized on the shelves.

miniowls clear bags



3. Bin Organizing Bags

We love a good bin, but oftentimes they can turn into a pit of despair. Instead of letting your good intentions go to waste, organize the contents with these clever bags. They’re designed to fit perfectly inside Ikea cube bins and since they’re clear, no digging for the very special truck that someone needs RIGHT NOW. What’s more, they make it super simple to take toys on the go!

mustard made the lowdown locker

Mustard Made


4. Modern Lockers

We are over the moon for the so-stylish-it-hurts locker-chic furniture from the sister-owned Mustard Made. Their fully functional lockers come in several styles and a rainbow of gorgeous colors to make baby and kid storage tres chic. In fact, they’re so cool, you may want them in every room of the house.

KidKraft Mid-Century Corner Kids Chaise Lounge + Shelf



5. Mid-Century Corner Kids Chaise Lounge + Shelf

Stylish storage that doubles as a cozy place to read? Yes please.

Pottery Barn Kids west elm x pbk mid century toy box

Pottery Barn


6. Kids west elm x pbk mid century toy box

With it’s retro mid-century aesthetic and real (responsibly-sourced) wood construction, this is a truly timeless investment piece that lasts. Since it’s designed with kids (and their fingers!) in mind, the hinged lid closes slowly and smoothly and locks into position when fully opened.

Humble Crew kids book rack storage shelf

Humble Crew


7. Kids book rack storage shelf

Highly-rated, simple and at a price that can’t be beat, this simple fabric bookshelf keeps their current favorites on display and easy to grab.

The Heartland Wood Co rustic ledge shelf

The Heartland Wood Co


8. Rustic ledge shelf

These custom, handmade wall shelves add the perfect touch of Joanna Gaines to any space. And they’re also a great way to maximize space by getting books off the floor and onto the wall.

Lorena Canals zoco basket

Lorena Canals


9. Zoco Basket

If you have to organize your life, you may as well have fun while doing it! We love the combo of natural elements and a pop of color that these braided cotton baskets bring to any space. They even collapse when not in use.

Pehr designs pom pom bin

Pehr Designs


10. Pom Pom Bin

I dare you to not love these pom pom bins. Sewn by hand, these cotton canvas bins come in a huge variety of colors and sizes, and add just the right amount of whimsy to your nursery or playroom.



11. Bookshelf and storage

The minimalist, simple style of this book display will compliment (and declutter) any reading nook. The low profile will encourage your little ones to help themselves to their favorite story. Plus, it’s on wheels!

Pillowfort wood toy storage



12. Wood toy storage

Stackable shelving is one of our favorite organization hacks; bins customize perfectly to any space, making it easy to go as high or as wide as you need. These natural wood bins are some of our favorites both for their look and their function.

Modern Tall Three Shelf Bookshelf White - Pillowfort™



13. Modern three shelf bookcase

We are swooning over the simple, modern look of this low-profile bookcase. It features shelves that are perfect for books and a built-in storage bin that’s great for stowing toys. And, at just 38 inches tall, keeps things at arms reach for little readers.

Crate&Kids mid-century bookcase



14. Mid-century bookcase

Is it weird that we want this bookcase for our room? Function meets (gorgeous, modern) style here big time with this gorgeous walnut and white storage solution. It’s a bit of an investment, but like we said, we may just steal it when our kids no longer need it.

Ikea trofast storage



15. Trofast Storage

As if we need another reason to love IKEA. This customizable storage solution works for just about anything that needs organizing, from toys, books to shoes and stuffed animals.

You can choose your own finish, bin sizes, and bin colors, making it just the right fit for any space.

ZCreateDesign cloud shelf



16. Cloud Shelf

Look to the sky—not under your feet—for all your little one’s toys and knick-knacks. These handmade cloud shelves could not be cuter!

Pottery barn kids elephant storage

Pottery Barn


17. Kids Elephant Storage

Little ones can house small toys and books in this cute elephant-shaped basket. We love that it’s a perfect size that won’t accumulate too many items, which can hide its unique shape. Seriously, storage has never been sweeter.

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