Hop into spring with these adorable ready-to-bloom looks from Janie and Jack

Spy the sweetest Easter outfits, right this way…

By Keri Setnicka and Motherly + Janie and Jack    •    March 1, 2024

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Janie and Jack

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The Easter Dress—so iconic it deserves to be capitalized. As the second child with an older sister, 90% of my clothes were hand-me-downs, but the Easter Dress stood out as the one outfit I eagerly anticipated each year. It symbolized new beginnings, the arrival of spring, and usually coordinated with my sister, creating a picture (both literally and figuratively) of sweet, matching siblings who would *never* squabble over Easter eggs. Jokes aside, shopping for a new Easter outfit became a cherished tradition, solidifying core memories around the joy of selecting and wearing these special garments.

Now, with two girls of my own, shopping for the “Easter Outfit” evokes a spectrum of emotions—nostalgia for my own childhood, excitement for seeing my girls’ faces light up when they twirl around in frilly matching frocks, and a sentimental realization that we are right in the middle of creating memories that are all too fleeting. I find myself doing everything I can to hang on to these sweet moments. That’s where Janie and Jack comes in. 

As a modern brand with an eye for putting charming twists on classic silhouettes, Janie and Jack is the go-to for creating everlasting memories. With delightful details, fresh florals and head-to-toe accessories, Janie and Jack’s new Spring 2024 collection blooms with timeless elegance, outfitting your kids for everything from Easter brunch and egg hunts to garden parties and polished play dates.  

The styles are timeless

Janie and Jack crafts clothes that stand the test of time—in both quality and style. Constructed of signature fabrics that feel as good as they look, the pieces serve as timeless keepsakes, destined to be treasured and passed down through generations. Fawned-over fabrics like linen, seersucker, cotton and chiffon keep kids comfortable through egg hunts, photo shoots and family gatherings, whether indoors or outdoors. The dresses, adorned with sweet ruffles and fresh florals, evoke fond memories reminiscent of the beloved Easter dress from your childhood. Pastel ginghams are garden-party perfect—and you’ll want to save space in your son’s keepsake box for this beyond-charming bunny sweater

The delight is in the details

When you think about what makes an outfit special, it’s not merely the presence of a scalloped hem or matching sweater; it’s the intricate detail of an eyelet ruffle or the delicate touch of crocheted ribbon on the puff sleeves of your baby’s first Easter outfit. It’s these thoughtful touches that set Janie and Jack’s clothes apart. And yes—these are the details you’ll swoon over as you look back at photos decades from now.

Picture perfect with head-to-toe accessories

If you’re planning on snapping some family photos this spring, your quest for the perfect attire ends here. Janie and Jack’s new collection ensures your kids will exude peak cuteness from head to toe. Little girls can complete their looks with coordinating headbands, bows, ballet flats and precious purses, while boys can showcase dapper style in meticulously matched outfits featuring newsboy hats, bowties and spring-inspired socks. Even the littlest spring chickens can indulge in accessorizing with baby bonnets, suspenders and downright adorable footwear. Capture these picture-perfect moments in outfits that embody a sense of timeless charm and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it’s the anticipation of longer days and blooming buds or the joy of kids frolicking through grassy gardens in search of treasures from the Easter Bunny, there’s an undeniable magic about spring that deserves to be etched into memory. Janie and Jack’s new collection is the perfect complement to this season’s enchantment. With timeless fabrics and designs and prints in forever-loved florals and sweet pastels, the latest collection effortlessly secures a spot on Mother Nature’s Best Dressed list. It not only enhances the magic of spring—but makes it even easier to preserve the season’s sweetest moments for a lifetime.