All My People ?—14-Month-Old

Find your village. Love them hard. For many women, motherhood is profoundly lonely. Getting out of the house is just plain hard. Your work schedule keeps you from socializing. And your new roommate goes to bed at 7 pm which makes it difficult for you to escape at night. Know this, mama: It takes a village, and you deserve one.

XO, TeamMotherly

P.S. "Be my friend?" Meetup lists thousands of moms groups around the country (and the world.) Find one near you. ?Baby this week: Your child knows the names of his caretakers and close family and friends—even if he can't say all of them. Try this: Play 'the name game' with your little one. Gather a few loved ones around your toddler and point to each. Ask, "What's her name?" Grandma! ?