Time To Grow ?—20-Month-Old

Find the silver lining. Some days you mom like a boss: Your laundry is folded, your work is done, your kids are happy, mama gets a date night, and you feel like you're on top of the world. (Thank you, coffee ☕️.) And some days your laundry overflows, your kids color on the walls (with Sharpie!), your inbox backs up, you argue with your partner, and you feel like running away from home. #CYA. Welcome to motherhood. Beyond the Pinterest-perfect ideas, is the messy, beautiful reality of loving yourself and your family, imperfections and all.

XO, TeamMotherly

P.S. Toddler this week: Your little explorer needs to get outside. Try this: Unstructured time outside is good for baby's health and brain development. Take a stroll, play in the dirt (yes really!) and let your little one explore the joys of raindrops.