Ready To Go ⏰ — 41 Weeks Pregnant

How pregnant am I? Too pregnant. We know—you can't stand the wait. ⌚️ (We can't either!) But the countdown is now officially on, so use your bonus days pre-baby to slow down, sleep and envision your little one in your arms. Any day, baby will make his debut into the world. While you are not technically overdue until 42 weeks, we know it already feels like baby is late (you're grounded!) and your medical provider will likely start talking to you about induction planning. Your body is ready for labor, and we're just sitting here waiting for the mysterious, miraculous process to officially begin. Baby will be here very soon!

XO, TeamMotherly

P.S. If you want to learn and practice labor coping skills, it's not too late to take Motherly's on-demand video birth class, which comes with bonus mp3 birth meditations you can use during labor. Deep breaths, mama! You've got this. ❤️ And remember, update your Motherly profile with baby's birth dayas soon as she's born so we can send you super-accurate details for life with your newborn.