That Feeling You Can’t Shake ? — 6 Weeks Pregnant

Good things take time. You are a miracle worker, little lady. ✨ Not only does your baby now have a strong, regular heartbeat (that can be seen on ultrasound!), your little one is also starting to grow his arms, legs, mouth and ears. Things are also kind of major for you, too, this week you may notice some early pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness (can you say second puberty?), fatigue like whoa, morning sickness and more. Don't be surprised if you need to buy a new bra, take naps and suddenly hate your favorite foods. And if morning sickness is in full swing (UGH), you have our deepest sympathies—and most helpful tips, right here.

XO, TeamMotherly

P.S. Hydration is your friend, so try sipping from a BPA-free S'well water bottle. Cheers + be well, mama.