Hang On, Little Lady ?—7 Weeks Pregnant

Can't eat because of nausea. Nauseous because I can't eat. What's cookin', good lookin'? OH, JUST A HUMAN YOU'RE CREATING WITH YOUR BODY!? And what a little person she is: Not only does baby now have a more developed brain, liver and lung buds, but her eyes and ears are also starting to grow! (The better to listen to all her mama tells her, of course!) Some women have a hard time being excited at this stage of the game, as they are worried they may have a miscarriage. However, if you've had an ultrasound showing one live little one, your chance of miscarriage at this point is only 4%. At eight weeks, this risk drops to 1.5%, so try to stay happy and hopeful. And try to stay fuctional. Morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue are no joke, my dear. YOU'RE A SURVIVOR.

XO, TeamMotherly

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