Becoming a mother is nothing short of supernatural even when it happens outside of the womb. When mamas open their homes and their hearts to an adopted child, there’s no doubt that their bond is just as thick as blood. And it’s no simple feat considering the paramount costs, often difficult processes, and the seemingly never ending wait to finally hold that sweet child.

Mamas around the world celebrate the gift of adoption and their babies everyday, but it’s especially special during November—which is National Adoption Awareness Month.

We rounded up our favorite quotes from celebrities about their families becoming whole through the adoption process.

“I always tell Genesis she was born from my heart, not my belly.” —Viola Davis

“God only answered our prayers for over a year when you came home, but he WAY exceeded them by giving us you.” —Lauren Akins, wife to Thomas Rhett

“It's not a humanitarian thing, because I don't see it as a sacrifice. It's a gift. We're all lucky to have each other.” —Angelina Jolie

“If the standard route for creating a family had worked for me, I wouldn’t have met this child. I needed to know her. I needed to be her mother. She is, in every way, my daughter.” —Nia Vardalos

“It was as if she had been with me forever.” —Hoda Kotb

“I can honestly say being adopted was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I recognize how fortunate I am to have parents who love and support me unconditionally. The fact that they are not my biological parents does not change the fact that they are simply, my parents.” —Kristin Chenoweth

“Little souls find their way to you, whether they’re from your womb or someone else’s.” —Sheryl Crow

“It’s inexplicable. You look into the eyes of somebody, you feel their soul, you feel touched by them—that’s it.” —Madonna

“Sometimes destiny comes into play. These children end up with you and you end up with them. It’s something quite magical.” —Nicole Kidman

“We look at adoption as a very sacred exchange. It was not done lightly on either side.” —Jamie Lee Curtis

“They’re as much my blood as I am theirs.” —Brad Pitt

“Anyone who doesn’t have experience with adoption wonders, ‘Does love for a child come through DNA?’ I knew it didn’t.” —Katherine Heigl

“I have a lot of respect for my birth mother. I know she must have had a lot of love for me to want to give what she felt was a better chance.” —Faith Hill

“When I look at Laila, there’s no doubt in my mind that she was supposed to be here. I can tell you absolutely, the exact right children came to me at the exact right time.” —Sandra Bullock

If you’re considering adopting a child from foster care, visit the National Adoption Day’s website. Or check out Adoption Resources if you’re at the beginning of your adoption journey.