15 accessories to look effortlessly chic this summer

Gorgeous pops of color and patterns to take your everyday look to the next level.

15 accessories to look effortlessly chic this summer

It's been a long, looooooong winter in New York City. And yet, every year summer takes me by surprise - one minute I'm rocking my well-worn boots and black jeans, thanking them for helping my pale legs to happily hibernate and BOOM the next thing I know the rest of the city is dashing about in crisp fresh linen and shades of white. Summer, I see you out there. And I’m getting ready for you.

Recently I've absolutely been LOVING wearing simple separates like jeans and a fresh white T-shirt, which gives me ample opportunity to rotate in statement necklaces and my beloved (okay, my signature) head scarves. I've said it before and I'll say it again -I've never met a turban I didn't like.


If you (like many of us at Motherly) rush to get dressed while trying to prevent a cranky toddler from ripping the pop-up parts out of her pop-up books (seriously, what’s up with that?), you might want to try some summer accessories that will take your everyday look to the next level. Ready to add some intrigue?

Here are some of my favorite accessory picks to get you into a sunny mood.

The statement necklace

A statement necklace always gets my vote. It spices up the simplest of outfits - to me its equivalent to a fresh manicure - I feel put together even if I've left myself two minutes to get ready. Go BOLD with this leather tassel collar from BaubleBar. A statement piece in a textural sense, it’s pretty, neutral in color, and a nice nod to the fringe trend this season.

Size is everything: The bag chapter

A pop of a great color goes a long way and these days I'm finding having a small-ish cross body bag an essential accessory. Something to hold a phone, small purse, lipstick and what ever else my daughters hand me on the run. This lovely salmon colored leather cross body from GiGi New York is perfect if you want your hands free--and its simple and elegant enough that it works for day and night. It’s definitely on my wish list.

It's a wrap

As a confessed turban lover scarves are a 'must'. Used as a cover-up, headscarf, or necktie this sweet printed scarf from DVF has all the answers. It’s a great size and the print is perfect. Add a pop red lipstick and you're off! Looking fab.

A fabulous wedge for your flares

Alice & Olivia has supplied the perfect wedge to all our what-to-wear-with-flares dilemmas. The 70s denim flare is back - these indigo color daisy print wedges hit so many right notes for me - rich in color and print, feminine and bold. Despite packing quite a punch I bet they'd go with almost anything.

Go on, try quirky

White on White needn't be conventional or dull - I'd love to try this striking Fishhook Choker from BaubleBar. It's unfussy and unusual. I'd wear it with cut off shorts and a rolled white T-shirt when on playground duty and thrown together with a pull-on black dress for evening. It’s a conversation starter for sure.

Bangles - Stack them high

Here’s one you can share. Stack these Kate Spade gold bangles up high - at only $32 these customized idiom bangles make the perfect gift to swap amongst your best girlfriends --or if your other half forgot Mothers Day you can treat yourself --one from each child and an extra for good measure?

Add a tassel – It's your friend

This small unassuming tassel is your new BFF, I promise. Add a chain to turn it into a statement necklace, attach to your favorite bag strap, or used as intended to spruce up your key collection. This tassel has knows no limits. Available in a host of great color combinations. I heart you, GiGi New York.

Simple elegant earrings

Simple and elegant, these Emerald green earrings, from Alex & Ani have a hint of red carpet about them. I like to mix color and texture and print in an outfit, but often a girl needs some solid classics to fall back on, right?!

DIY arm candy

Want a project to do with the kids AND fabulous accessories to wear? Purl Soho has these sweet friendship bracelet kits to make at home. If you're like me, don't share; sit back and binge watch MadMen and craft a rainbow of arm candy for yourself. Where just one knotted bracelet might be sweet I’d be tempted to craft a huge variety and wear all at once with a gold bangle or two thrown in the mix.

Go minimal

If you were looking for something flat, elegant and subtly interesting I’d vote for the cork soled black leather sandals from Alice & Olivia. My guess is you’ll be quietly smug all summer long – these look very comfortable. No BandAids necessary.

For the tech savvy mama

Just to get all technical for a moment have a look at this neon pink powerbank from Nordstrom Rack. Small enough to fit in even the most minimal of purses this little beauty will charge a phone to just about full, when you're out and about. With this handy gadget around you'll feel like you're winning. (Insert fist-pump emoji here)

Something to customize

I’m constantly on the look out for new gift ideas so Casetify has found a new place in my heart. The website lets you customize cases for the gadgets and gizmos aplenty in your life. I particularly am drawn to the liquid rose gold I-phone case for myself --but I’d also love to give a customized Casetify MacBook Case to a girlfriend or two. You can choose from a huge array of readymade designs or add your own photos. Yet another great blank canvas to use your imagination on.

Sweet and simple

This Kate Spade ring would be lovely on it’s own – or a welcome addition to your ring stack of last summer (if you followed that trend but failed to accumulate the actual stack, now is your chance).

Monochrome geometry

This Trina Turk bracelet is just the perfect mix of weighty, tactile and geometric.

A trusted bohemian pendant

For those who seek something off the beaten path A Peace Treaty is a wonderful resource for striking bohemian accessories. Solid well-made pieces from artisans around the world, I could give a happy home to everything these girls design but this gold-plated brass necklace with coral stone ticks the box for long pendant necklace that would go with everything.

Happy accessorizing!

This year many of us have a tighter budget than usual given (looks around) everything that has happened. Coupled with the uncertainty of what Halloween might look like, many of us are reluctant to spend money on brand new costumes that our kids will outgrow by next year. I get it. But I also know that many, like me, love Halloween so much. I thought about skipping the celebration this year, but that just feels like too big of a disappointment in an already disappointing year.

That's why I started looking into alternative costumes—something my kids will be able to wear once the clock hits November, and maybe even hand down to siblings and cousins in the coming years. At the same time, I'm not a DIY person, so I wanted outfits that didn't require any sewing or hot glue. Last year I attempted using one to build my son's Care Bear costume, and of course, I burnt my hand.

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I never wanted to be a mom. It wasn't something I ever thought would happen until I fell madly in love with my husband—who knew very well he wanted children. While he was a natural at entertaining our nephews or our friends' kids, I would awkwardly try to interact with them, not really knowing what to say or do.

Our first pregnancy was a surprise, a much-wanted one but also a unicorn, "first try" kind of pregnancy. As my belly grew bigger, so did my insecurities. How do you even mom when you never saw motherhood in your future? I focused all my uncertainties on coming up with a plan for the delivery of my baby—which proved to be a terrible idea when my dreamed-of unmedicated vaginal birth turned into an emergency C-section. I couldn't even start motherhood the way I wanted, I thought. And that feeling happened again when I couldn't breastfeed and instead had to pump and bottle-feed. And once more, when all the stress from things not going my way turned into debilitating postpartum anxiety that left me not really enjoying my brand new baby.

As my baby grew, slowly so did my confidence that I could do this. When he would tumble to the ground while learning how to walk and only my hugs could calm him, I felt invincible. But on the nights he wouldn't sleep—whether because he was going through a regression, a leap, a teeth eruption or just a full moon—I would break down in tears to my husband telling him that he was a better parent than me.

Then I found out I was pregnant again, and that this time it was twins. I panicked. I really cannot do two babies at the same time. I kept repeating that to myself (and to my poor husband) at every single appointment we had because I was just terrified. He, of course, thought I could absolutely do it, and he got me through a very hard pregnancy.

When the twins were born at full term and just as big as singleton babies, I still felt inadequate, despite the monumental effort I had made to grow these healthy babies and go through a repeat C-section to make sure they were both okay. I still felt my skin crawl when they cried and thought, What if I can't calm them down? I still turned to my husband for diaper changes because I wasn't a good enough mom for twins.

My husband reminded me (and still does) that I am exactly what my babies need. That I am enough. A phrase that has now become my mantra, both in motherhood and beyond, because as my husband likes to say, I'm the queen of selling myself short on everything.

So when my babies start crying, I tell myself that I am enough to calm them down.

When my toddler has a tantrum, I remind myself that I am enough to get through to him.

When I go out with the three kids by myself and start sweating about everything that could go wrong (poop explosions times three), I remind myself that I am enough to handle it all, even with a little humor.

And then one day I found this bracelet. Initially, I thought how cheesy it'd be to wear a reminder like this on my wrist, but I bought it anyway because something about it was calling my name. I'm so glad I did because since day one I haven't stopped wearing it.

Every time I look down, there it is, shining back at me. I am enough.

I Am Enough bracelet 

SONTAKEY  I Am Enough Bracelet

May this Oath Bracelet be your reminder that you are perfect just the way you are. That you are enough for your children, you are enough for your friends & family, you are enough for everything that you do. You are enough, mama <3


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