We all know that life with little ones can make it hard (if not impossible) to get through your pre-baby beauty routine. So we've found some amazing tricks to make it easier to look like your best self.

Check out our favorite busy-mom beauty hacks:

1. Have a mini-spa night.

You might not have time to trek to a day spa, but try a mini-spa evening. Take a bath after the kiddos are in bed. Make it extra relaxing with a book or magazine, candles, incense or aromatherapy and some music.

BOOM: You're transported to the spa.

2. Bath bomb it.

Transform your bath tub from scrub-a-dub-dub to MOMMY'S ALONE TIME. The fizzies are magical. The aroma is powerful. See you tomorrow, kiddos, it's mama's night.

Try Lush's world-famous bath bombs. We're huge fans of the Sex Bomb.

3. Rub on that body scrub.

Body scrubs will momentarily transport you to a spa in the French countryside. Try one with infused oils for super-soft skin.

4. Give yourself a power mani.

Add cornstarch to your nail polish, and BOOM! You've got a stylish matte polish. (No, seriously, do it.) Need a foolproof way to keep your manicure intact for more than one day? Try this awesome shellac hack.

5. Refresh yourself with a facial.

Good for pretty much any skin type, a blueberry green tea ice facial will leave your skin feeling softer than your babies' bottoms.

6. Swipe some color onto your lips.

When it comes to makeup, many days we only have time for one step.

Pick one statement look that lasts. We adore Benefit's Benetint all-day stain—or for a bold lip color, try Marc Jacobs Beauty's Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick. The highly pigmented lipstick last for hours!

7. Work those kitchen products.

Coconut oil is handy to have in the house for many reasons, makeup remover being one of them. It's cheaper than store-bought makeup remover and better for your skin. Plus, hot mama and businesswoman extraordinaire Kate Hudson swears by it. We're in!

Get that coconut oil to perform double duty. For the perfect pout, make DIY lip balm with this recipe by Style Me Pretty. They make it seem so easy to look chic.

8. Make your hair like new with dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is a busy mom's best friend. It's like you got eight hours of sleep and a whole shower! Spray it on your roots and feel refreshed, you wild thang.

9. Rescue your mascara.

Rescue a dried-out mascara by putting it in hot water. How did we not think of this before?!?!

Revitalize your hair with a quick, at-home apple cider vinegar hair rinse. We already love dry shampoo, but in a pinch, you can also use baby powder. Lift up your locks with baby powder, a stand-in for dry shampoo. Thanks, blushing basics!

10. Pop on a pair of sunnies.

Is there anything that an amazing pair of sunglasses can't solve? Channel your inner Jackie O. and mask the fact that baby's sleep regression and work deadlines are keeping you up at night.

11. If all else fails, braid.

Jazz up your usual ponytail with a fancy braid, courtesy of Sugar Laws. Keep your hair out of your face and baby's hands, and look chic? Love it.

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