Here at Motherly, we're always looking for amazing words of wisdom to help us find purpose and inspiration from beneath the mounds of dirty laundry, backed-up email inboxes and countless hours spent cuddling, coaching and cleaning. FromBeyoncé to the mommy blogosphere, we've found some of the most inspiring, #deep and hilarious quotes that will keep all moms feeling inspired, whatever their life's mission.

Can we slow clap this one from actress and The Honest Company founder Jessica Alba?

First Lady Michelle Obama is inspiring for many reasons, but we most of all adore her unapologetic take on how central motherhood is to her identity.

Jessica Simpson, let's forget that whole chicken-of-the-sea line from a million lifetimes ago. This quote from the singer, entrepreneur and mom-of-two is our new favorite.

We fondly recalled these famous words from the late Princess Diana as we gazed at the gorgeous photos of her newborn granddaughter, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, in her mother Kate Middleton's arms.

BRB, #naptime: We already knew that Tina Fey had a way with words, but this is perfect.

Amy Poehler wrote in her memoir 'YES PLEASE': “When your children arrive, the best you can hope for is that they break open everything about you. Your mind floods with oxygen. Your heart becomes a room with wide-open windows. You realize how nice it feels to care about someone else more than yourself. And gradually, through this heart-heavy openness and these fresh eyes, you start to see the world a little more. Maybe you start to care a teeny tiny bit more about what happens to everyone in it."

We <3 these beautiful words from writer Glennon Doyle Melton, queen of Momastery, on finding sacred purpose in the meaningful monotony of motherhood.

Do you feel that? Actress Elizabeth Banks on how motherhood gives back:

We've long adored Stephanie Nielson's wisdom on motherhood at NieNie Dialogues, and love this take from her on the strength of a mother: “Ladies, we are not wimps. Don't let anyone tell you so. While I will admit motherhood, at times, [scary, exhausting], it is also and mostly satisfying, rewarding, happy, colorful, beautiful and so much fun."

We love everything about this reflection on life with a newborn from Rachel Hollis fabulous creator of 'The Chic Site,' who writes: “I remember too that as hard as this time is, it's also fleeting. I didn't know that with my first, but I'm certainly aware that it does get better, little by little. One hour of sleep turns into two, and then four. Your body heals, you're able to wear pants that button again and life resumes it's normal, if slightly altered pace."

On our hard days we repeat these words fromKelle Hampton.

And one more from Kelle Hampton because, wow, that woman is wise.

Stephanie Precourt, we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Author Jill Churchill reminds usthat perfection is impossible for us mere mortals, but goodness is all around.

YES. A million times yes from Jane Sellman.

Oscar award-winning actress Sophia Loren reminds us of the beautiful responsibility of motherhood.

Supermodel (and supermama) Cindy Crawford told a British newspaper how becoming a mother helped re-shape her priorities: “My sister has kids and she always told me how, when you're a mother, you don't have to ask what your priorities are all the time because you're looking at them. That's really true. Having kids makes those decisions easier. It's just so fun being with them."

Fortunately for Christina Aguilera, she's pretty amazing in that career part of her life.

In Kate Hudson's case, a totally gorgeous, glowing reflection.Husdon told USA Today of her relationship with her son Ryder, “I'm very impatient. I like to get things done. I move fast. Patience has been something he's teaching me."

Our girlBeyoncé tells the Huffington Post about finding purpose in motherhood.

New mom, Scarlett Johansson on the bright side of sleep deprivation.

This one from actress Amanda Peet applies as much to the contents of our living room floor as to life's big, existential questions.

Author Jodi Picoultgives us all the feels about our little ones growing up too fast.

Comedian Milton Berle says what we've all been thinking these years.