There’s nothing like battling constant nausea and fall-on-your-face exhaustion to throw you way off track from your usual fitness routine. Finding out that you are pregnant is so exciting, but it can definitely toss a wrench into your current healthy lifestyle. We caught up with health coach and mama Kimberly Hoye of Health and Happiness Connection to get her tips for staying active through pregnancy.


Some women with high-risk pregnancies are discouraged by their doctors from working out, but for most mamas, moderate exercise while pregnant is a huge benefit for them and their babies. In fact,

consistent prenatal yoga has been shown to improve baby’s birth weight, decrease the rate preterm labor, and decreases the risk of Intrauterine growth restriction in baby.

What good motivation! Plus,

staying fit during pregnancy can help decrease your little one’s risk of adult obesity, help his brain to grow, and aid his heart’s development.

Here are my top 3 tips for fitting in fitness while pregnant:

1. Find a local prenatal fitness class

Not only will you find an entire community of women in the same life-phase, but you get to keep yourself fit while you’re being social. Score!

Prenatal classes are so helpful in building your new network of mommy-friends.

Another bonus: the flexible and welcoming environment in the prenatal classes won’t make you feel bad if you can’t keep up or stick out as the only person that has to do all of the “modified” versions of the exercises in class.

2. Be gentle and kind with yourself, and always listen to your body

There are lots of changes going on with you right now: not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well! Be gentle with yourself and if you used to get in a run 7 days a week, but now you’ve barely got the energy to get out for a few walks a week, then that’s okay!

Although it may seem like a long time right now, 40 weeks is such a minuscule period of your whole life. Pregnancy isn’t a time to be a super hero and try to prove something to people: it’s a time to tune into your body and take the best care of yourself (and the baby!) that you can.

3. Remind yourself that it isn’t just “exercise”

Moving your body is not only great for your fitness, it’s also the best way to connect with your body.

While you’re pregnant, it’s easy to feel more than a little disconnected with what seems like this new and foreign entity that used to be your body.

Connecting with your body through exercise and movement is the perfect way to be able to appreciate your rapidly changing body for everything that it is doing for you and your family-to-be.