More mothers than ever are working, which means we have even more reason to celebrate the innovative companies and women who are finding new ways to integrate work and life.

Here are 5 awesome office trends we’re digging. More, please!

The bring-your-baby-to-work office

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Total #momboss, style icon and mom of two Rachel Zoe deserves all the ? for the decision she made in 2015 to allow her employees to bring their babies to work—and to care for the kids in an on-site nursery/day care. Sure, it’s an investment in resources, explains Zoe, but:

“What we are getting in return is invaluable; the working mothers at our company can improve and grow our business without having to sacrifice spending precious time with their babies at such a crucial stage in their mother-child relationships.”

She just gets it.

Like we said, all the ? .

The coworking space + day care office

The latest trend in work spaces?

Coworking + childcare. In the same space.

The Virginia-based coworking space Play, Work or Dash offers on-site child care while you work or dash off to a meeting. There’s also free coffee and tea (what more could a working mom want?).

Productive parents and thriving children coexisting together. ❤️

The-home-office-is-my-office office

Remote work is booming, which is amazing news for working mothers who want to spend more time at home with their kids.

Many members of #TeamMotherly have worked remotely for years, running corporate projects, making business deals, interviewing politicians and celebs, even writing A1 articles for major newspapers, all from home.

(By the way, check out our friends at PowerToFly for an incredible array of open remote work positions for highly talented women.)

The decreased overhead (not having to pay for office space, desks, computers, etc.) is a bottom-line booster for companies ? —but taking the planning and commuting time out of a new mother’s day, thus giving her more time for baby?

Well, that’s priceless.

The baby with benefits

For high-flying corporate mothers, more companies are offering post-maternity-leave benefits, from career coaching for new moms (e.g., Ernst & Young) to shipping your pumped milk back home from a faraway conference (IBM). For a similar service to what IBM offers, check out MilkStork.

Paternity leave

Okay, so this one is a little tricky, but one of the most important things corporations can do to support its working-mom employees is to support its working dads. An increasing (though small) number of corporations are doing just that. At companies like Facebook, Patagonia and Google, more dads than ever have access to paid leave.

That’s a trend we can get behind.