‘Tis the season for gingerbread houses, snowball fights and strangers rolling their eyes as you shuffle your kids onto the airplane.

But fear not—we’ve armed you with 30 activities to keep your kids quietly entertained on an airplane

1. Let them cover some notebook paper with stickers or bandaids (bought from the Dollar Store!)

2. Wikki Stix

3. Invisible marker books

4. A roll of painter’s tape

5. Wrap things in foil and let them unwrap

6. Silly Putty

7. iPad and headphones

8. Coloring books (check out the $1 section at Target)

9. Colorforms—reusable stickers they can stick to different backgrounds to make little scenes

10. Post-it notes

11. Punch holes in the top of a plastic lid (like from an oatmeal can) and let them string pipe cleaners through them

12. Water Wow coloring books

13. Magnatiles

14. Makeup/paint brushes with nothing on them

15. Take along Lego tic-tac-toe

16. Kid O Magnatabs

17. Snacks!

18. Play-doh

19. Window clings

20. Stickers

21. Go on a “scavenger hunt” in the airline magazines.

21. Play “I-spy”

22. Peg boards

23. Finger puppets

24. Plastic animals in an empty wipe container

25. Books with flaps

26. Card games

27. Workbooks

28. Make necklaces out of Cheerios

29. Alphabet magnets

30. DIY travel velcro popsicles