Being home all day with a little one isn't easy. You'reexhausted and expounding all of your energy into another person. We've beenthere. Maybe you're still in maternity clothes (TOTALLY NORMAL!) or just usedto wearing the same nursing tank in six different colors, throwing on a pair ofyoga pants, and calling it a day.

But you know what it's like to wear a killer outfit.Something that makes you do a double-take every time you pass a mirror. A shirtor pair of shoes that make you feel sexy or beautiful or confident.

Coco knew what was up. All too often,a new mom will dress for comfort and ease, leaving style far behind along withhappy hours and girls weekends away. We feel like this is the “new" us, thatthis is how moms dress and oh well.

But it doesn't have to be that way, mama! We challenge youto make a promise to yourself: this week, I will choose one day to wear anoutfit that makes me feel like “me."

If there's nothing in your closet that fits, or if you'reready to take your style to the next level, treat yourself to some retail therapy!You don't have to spend a lot – head to Target and pick up a new shirt, scarf,or statement necklace. Add one element at a time and, before you know it,you've transformed your wardrobe, and maybe even yourself.

Listen, if you love wearing yoga pants, that's awesome. Youdo you, mama! But if you're feeling the fashion blahs and are ready for a stylepick-me-up, then make that commitment to yourself. Just one day this week. Nextweek, maybe two. Eventually, you'll have a closet full of pieces that you feelhappy in every single day.

Because it's not the clothes that matter, it's how you feelwearing them.

If you can't convince yourself to get dressed up, try this approach: Just do it.

Put on that killer outfit that feels a little overdressed for Mommy-and-Me class. Add that statement necklace that totally screams I HAVE STYLE, PEOPLE (bonus points if it covers up milk stains).

You might have to fake your way to feeling fabulous, so if the dress fits, wear it. (And if it doesn't buy a new one!)