There’s one thing all new mamas have in common – we’re in need of a lot of R&R. From labor recovery to late night marathon feedings, you might just find yourself curled up on the couch (or the bed, or the floor...) quite a bit, and that’s completely okay. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite old and new shows for you to watch with hilarious, dramatic, and just all around awesome housewives.

1. Mad


Whether you love to hate her, or hate to love her, Betty

Draper (played by the beautiful January

Jones), is the quintessential 60s housewife of our modern TV era. Swoon

over Betty and Don’s romance, bite your knuckles through her questionable

mothering techniques, and cry with and for her over seven amazing seasons.

Available almost everywhere – Netflix, Amazon, iTunes,

Google play, VUDU, and very often your local library’s DVD section.

2. Boy Meets World

Control your pre-teen crushes on Rider Strong and Will Friedle for

just a moment. Now that you’re a mom, you can truly appreciate the struggles of

Mrs. Matthews (Betsy

Randle) with her dim-witted and overly emotional sons, firecracker

daughter, sweetheart of a husband, and fabulously bizarre next-door neighbor. A

staple of TGIF on ABC (the millennial’s “good ol’ days”), Boy Meets World

is a fun throwback with surprising moments of heart.

Available on Amazon, iTunes, Google play, and VUDU.

3. The Sopranos

Those nails. The hair. The accent. Carmela Soprano (played

by the incredible Edie

Falco, who won three Emmys, two Golden Globes, and three Screen Actors

Guild Awards for the role) is the iconic Italian-American mama on arguably the

greatest drama in the history of television. Fiercely protective of her family

and always ready to fill your plate or wine glass, Carmela is a dynamic

character, evolving dramatically over the show’s six blockbuster seasons.

Note: not for the faint of heart when it comes to language,

sex, and violence.

Available on HBO GO, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google play, and


4. I Love Lucy

Although the show premiered 64 years ago, I Love Lucy

is a perennial classic, still hilariously funny on many different levels (we

dare you to watch Season 1’s “Pioneer Women” without cracking up). We can

relate to Lucy’s mishaps, her struggles to be the perfect housewife, and

uncontrollable urges to step into the spotlight whenever possible. Lucy (Lucille Ball) has

her unconditional BFF by her side (Vivian Vance as

Ethel Mertz), ready to jump into every hair-brained scheme. Good, clean fun

that really holds up.

Available on Hulu, CBS All Access, iTunes, VUDU, and you can

find lots of clips on YouTube.

5. The

Real Housewives of [insert city]


No self-respecting list of housewife-related TV could ignore

the juggernaut Bravo reality series, spanning NYC to Miami to Beverly Hills,

with many metros in between. While calling these women “housewives” is a bit of

a stretch (a massive leap?), the Housewives dynasty is deliciously

addictive and requires very little concentration – perfect for zoning out on

the couch after a sleepless night. Pro tip: DO NOT skip the reunions.

Available on Hulu, iTunes, Google play, VUDU, and (availability of select seasons are subject to change).