Erica Livingston


Writer and Performer

Pregnancy #1

How have you been approaching your new pregnant style?

In my first trimester I was given a ton of hand-me-downs. This was wonderful in that I saved a lot of money, but as I grew and started to wear them more often, I knew I needed a change. They didn’t reflect me and my style. The basics were great but I didn't have the "that is so me" pieces. So I hit the thrift stores, broke out my sewing machine and I overhauled my closet. I put everything that I wished I could still wear but couldn't into a bin and moved it into my basement. Then I took a long look at pieces that I could still fit into, just maybe in a different way. So what used to be a cute short dress was now a top to pair with maternity leggings. I also bought a few choice pieces at maternity stores to glue it all together. Now I'm at the end of my third trimester and I never leave the house feeling like I don't look like myself. (But let's not talk about the ridiculous outfits I wear just at home to be comfortable...that's a whole other story!)

Have you had any challenges learning how to dress this new pregnant body of yours or has it been easier than you expected?

It has been a challenge for sure. I was a relatively small gal before pregnancy and now I'm big and beautiful! It's been a shift, not only learning to dress myself in a way that feels stylish, but adapting to and learning to love the way that my body carries a baby.

So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

The things that have surprised me most about pregnancy are how much I have changed on the inside while changing on the outside. This has been one of the most contemplative and reflective periods of my life. I do feel that my heart has been growing as much as my belly.

Do you have any fears of having a baby in the city? The only fear I have about raising a baby in the city is that 'Baby Bird's' grandparents don't live here. I had a very close relationship to my grandparents and they definitely had a huge hand in how I was raised. I believe that the relationship between a very young person and a very old person can be so insightful. Both of them can grow so much from loving one another. One set of 'Baby Bird's' grandparents are just a two-hour car ride away, so that's nice. As far as the others go, we're trying to start a weekly Skype with them, and also get used to updating a blog with lots of pics so they can see the day-to-day. We’ll be sending them lots of care packages via snail mail as well. And then of course, we’ll make every visit as special and concentrated as possible!

Any advice for NYC women when it comes to pregnancy fashion?

Just because your body is changing doesn't mean your style has to. Remember what you love to wear and try to think out of the box to find things that make you feel beautiful. And when in doubt, remember that a baby bump is the cutest accessory of them all.

Erica Livingston is a problem solver living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She spends most of her time performing in, writing and making theater, but can also be found homesteading, gardening, crafting, sewing and playing with her dog. She believes in humor above most things. As a newly pregnant mom, she will soon be launching a new mommy based business with another mommy pal. You can learn more at Follow her @ericalivingston