Name: Gillian O'Banion Neighborhood: NoHo Occupation: Marketing and Branding Consultant, GLO Marketing Baby’s Sex: 2 Boys! How would you describe your pregnant style? My style is generally comfy and casual, and with 2 on board that hasn't changed! A winter pregnancy has been great because I can wear sweaters, jeans and boots, add some nail polish and lipstick, and feel put together. I've tried to keep it thrifty and not buy too much but of course I still wanted to look cute! A friend who is a new mom and stylist told me when shopping for any non-maternity wear, make sure tops are longer, not just bigger because areas like the shoulders will still be too big (hopefully!), but you need the length for a growing belly. I've lived in my super soft Uniqlo cashmere sweaters and my H&M maternity jeans. Have you had any challenges learning to dress your body during this pregnancy? Being unable to bend at the waist! Dropping anything is just so dramatic now -- there's a lot of sighing. Putting on shoes and socks is so much harder! I bought these great high top Nikes earlier in my pregnancy, but now they're seriously a workout to get on. So I've been loving my leather slip-on Vans. So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy? There have been lots of surprises, and some definitely more pleasant than others! One being how mobile I still feel at 7 months with twins. When I learned there were 2, I thought they would immediately take over and sideline me. It's definitely getting harder now, but I'm still keeping up a pretty good pace. What’s been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump? My fitted workout tops actually (from Gap maternity and Old Navy). Catching a glimpse of my big belly in the mirror while working out has literally made me laugh out loud, but it also reminds me to keep at it for both myself and my babies -- I need the strength to carry the extra weight around! It also does wonders to get rid of end-of-day cankles. And while I've appreciated bundling up this winter, I have to say I loved wearing my bikini while on vacation. It's pretty liberating -- you can't suck it in, so you just let it all hang out! What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby? A lot of our friends are having babies this year, so I love the idea of getting all of them together this summer on a big blanket in the park, and just watching them play. Gillian is wearing: Uniqlo sweater LOFT pants (similar style) Vince Camuto boots (similar style) J.Crew necklace Photographed by Desiree Walters Photography in a Soho townhouse, courtesy of Katherine Salyi / Nest Seekers.