Name: Hailey Marie Andresen

Neighborhood: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Occupation: Founder of Household Mag.

Location: Home Office

Baby's sex: It's a surprise!

How would you describe your pregnant style?

I have made every attempt to maintain my pre-pregnancy style and avoid purchasing any unnecessary maternity clothing. I have always loved and worn a mix of vintage pieces and simple modern staples. This style provided me with a variety of different silhouettes I was able to grow with. Early in my pregnancy, when it was cooler outside, I essentially lived in leggings, any jeans I could still fit into, and a variety of comfy tees and button ups. As the weather has changed, and so has my body, I have moved towards dresses, skirts and those same comfy tees. Comfort and style have gone hand in hand with my pregnancy. As important as it is for me to be comfortable, I still enjoy putting an outfit together and feeling stylish.

Have you had any challenges learning to dress your pregnant body?

When it first warmed up I tried to wear a lot of looser fitting dresses. I quickly learned that wearing pieces that accentuate my pregnant belly rather than hide it, made me feel the most confident and the least frumpy.

So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

This is my first baby, and I have been really fortunate to have an easy pregnancy so far. We have all heard the awful stories about how exhausting and tough pregnancy can be, and while I definitely have my days, it has been so much easier than I ever thought. I'm very lucky!

What’s been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump?

Fitted, high-waisted skirts.

What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby?

As they get a little older I am looking forward to exposing them to as many different types of foods as possible. My husband and I are very conscious about raising an adventurous eater in a city like NY that has endless options, and are beyond excited to see what foods our baby enjoys as their little taste buds develop!

Hailey is wearing:

Top: Brandy Melville

Skirt: Brandy Melville

Shoes: Saltwater Sandals

Hat: Thrifted

Photos by Amy Frances Photography :