Heather Glatter

Park Slope, Brooklyn


Pregnancy # 2

How would you describe your pregnant style?

The same as my usual style (professional chic during the week, super-casual on weekends), but with some curves for a change! It’s much easier this time than with my first since I already have a complete wardrobe.

What are you favorite go-to clothing items during pregnancy, maternity or not?

My favorite cashmere hoodie (which is not maternity), cute flats and a couple of wrap dresses.

So far what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

I looked pregnant much earlier this time around. With my first pregnancy, it took forever to pop.

Any city-related fears of having a baby #2?

I'm terrified about pushing a double- stroller. It's going to feel like an SUV.

What’s your advice for NYC women when it comes to pregnancy fashion?

Wear clothes you love, splurge on a few great pieces, and wear flats.