Jessica Watkins


Physical Trainer

Pregnancy # 2

How do you approach pregnant style?

Comfort is my number one priority! Then comes at least one item that I'm sure will get compliments - whether it is a handbag, bracelets, shoes, a top, or my hair! That way, I can be comfortable yet not feel slouchy if I have at least one thing that makes me feel confident about my look.

Have you had any challenges learning how to dress this new pregnant body of yours or has it been easier than you expected?

I don't like spending money on maternity clothes since they have a short wearability life. But wearing non-maternity clothes and being comfortable don't really go hand in hand. So I've found a few go-to pieces for my wardrobe, and try to mix and match them to change it up.

What are your favorite maternity fashion pieces?

"Wow you're pregnant and you're wearing those" strappy, peep-toes with a heel! But little does anyone know, they are extremely comfortable and my feet love them!

So far what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

How fast my pregnancy is zooming by without giving me a chance to absorb the fact that I'm pregnant.

Any advice for NYC women when it comes to pregnancy fashion?

Find out what makes you feel good about how you look, and stick to it. As long as you feel comfortable and confident, you'll radiate glowing pregnancy beauty!

Note: Miss Watkins moved down south just a few days after this shoot. NY misses her!