Our busy weeks can bring on stress, extreme multitasking, and little time to sit down to think. It's easy to focus on the needs-to-get-done tasks, and sometimes hard to focus on the would-be-nice-and-super-sweet-to-get-done tasks.

So here are 5 goals for you this week to let your spouse know you're thinking of them. You won't regret it.

1. Leave a note ?

It doesn't have to be long or poetic. A simple, “hope you have a great day" goes a long way. There are some days when my husband has to leave for work before we all wake up in the morning and he will leave me a note with a quick weather update and silly illustration that says, “bring an umbrella" or “plenty of sunshine". I always start those mornings with a smile.

2. Food = ?

People say food is the way to the heart and I couldn't agree more. Cook your partner their favorite meal or pick up their favorite dessert on your way home. It shows you were thinking of them while they were away and everyone is happy with a full stomach.

3. Say hello ?

Whenever I get a free minute during the day, I try to remember to send a text to my partner. Maybe they have a big meeting that requires a little extra encouragement or maybe you just want to say have a great day.

4. Do some chores ?

Nothing says “I appreciate you" more than coming home to the dishes being done, the garbage taken out, or having the laundry put away. These small acts of service are a way to give back to your significant other without having to say anything.

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5. Put down your phone ?

At the end of a long day it can feel good to lay in bed and zone out on Instagram or scroll through your newsfeed but that quiet time after the kids go to bed is so valuable. It is the time we have to communicate without any interruptions. It is our time to catch up on our day, express any concerns, plan for the future and really be present to listen to each other.

Ana Fritsch is a writer, stylist, and blogger at Lucky Penny, a lifestyle blog documenting life in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters, Edith and Lilah.