Name: Michelle Lindsay

Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Occupation: Fashion Industry

Pregnancy #: 1

How have you been approaching your new pregnant style?

Who doesn't want to feel sexy and skinny when they're pregnant? I DO! I promised myself a few things when I found out I was going to be a mom: I would eat healthy, exercise and wear my regular clothes. No maternity clothes for this pregnant girl! I love to dress comfortably, so that's how I approach my closet/outfits. I'm fortunate that I work in a casual environment; however, being in the fashion industry, there are times I need to get dressed up for meetings, cocktail parties, etc.

Have you had any challenges learning how to dress this new pregnant body of yours or has it been easier than you expected?

It's been pretty easy. I have a lot of tight cotton dresses as well as oversized shirts and dresses that I've been wearing. The only thing is pants. I can't wear any of my jeans now, so it's all about the jeggings.

So far what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

How easy being pregnant is. The first trimester, I was really tired but the second, I got all my energy back. I'm back on track with working out and I'm able to take long walks with my dog, which is really nice.

Do you have any fears of having a baby in the city?

Yes. We recently purchased a stroller and I'm a bit scared of how I'm going to maneuver it in and out of the subway. I'm going to have to map out all the elevators in the subway system. Ha!

Any advice for NYC women when it comes to pregnancy fashion?

Tight cotton dresses hold everything in! Also, lululemon pants make every ass look like a million dollars, and sports bras feel so much better than underwire bras.

Michelle is a Cali girl living in NYC. She co-owns a menswear brand and boutique called By Robert James here in NYC with her husband. She also works at Paper Communications which is the parent company to Paper Magazine, and creative agency Extra Extra, where she is the director of Strategic Partnerships. In her downtime, you'll find her out and about on her bike, walking her dog, working out at equinox, hanging with friends and traveling.

Check out more of Michelle’s style on her blog where she’s doing a fun 30/30 Sexy, Pregnant and chic challenge, and follow her @mrsrobertjames.