Munch on toast.

A few bites of bland foods like toast and crackers can help. Try extra-healthy options like sprouted bread, flaxseed crackers and avocado toast to pack in nutrients without upsetting your stomach.

Snack on preggo pops.

Buy some or make your own with frozen fruit and veggie juice.

Eat small, frequent meals.

Nausea is typically strongest when you’re really hungry and really full. Do your best to stay somewhere in between to keep your stomach calm. Having snacks with you in your purse and car can help, too, as pregnancy has a way of making these hunger cues more immediate and intense.

Listen to your body.

Trust yourself and your instincts. What works for you will probably be very different from what works for someone else. Eat when you feel hungry, honor your cravings and hunger cues, and be patient with yourself. You are growing a tiny human, after all!

What tips + tricks have helped you with morning sickness?

Stock up on ginger everything.

Ginger is a powerful bitter root that has been used in Chinese medicine for nausea for centuries. Sip lemon ginger tea, pop ginger chews or drops, snack on candied ginger: whatever sounds remotely appealing to you.

Morning sickness... afternoon sickness... all-day-long sickness. We feel you, mama. We reached out to our nutrition expert,Shannan Monson, and asked for her top tips to quell nausea during the first trimester.

Drink cold water.

Keep a water bottle with you and sip ice water throughout the day. The cold temperature settles your stomach, and the water helps with good digestion, both of which might make you feel a bit better.

Chew on ice chips.

You know that crunchy, soft pellet ice? Go buy some. When you don’t think you can stomach any food or drink, this can help keep you hydrated and calm your stomach.

Love lemons.

Many people find lemon to be settling as well. Add a squeeze to your water or tea, or diffuse some lemon essential oil. The scent and taste might make you feel better.