9 perks that make pregnancy totally worth it

“I always had a little buddy with me, someone to talk to on my runs... You never feel alone.”

9 perks that make pregnancy totally worth it

Having an excuse to take it easy

Growing a baby is hard work! Not only does your body need more calories, but it also needs extra rest so that energy can go toward making the little one bigger and stronger. Have a snack and take take naps when you can!

Thinking about how incredible this process is

If you found out you were pregnant early on, you may have started checking those weekly growth charts when baby was just the size of a poppy seed. So when, just weeks later, the little one is up to the size of a sweet potato, it is hard not to be awed by the miracle of life.

Buying new clothes

Maternity styles have come a long way since the days of unflattering mumus. There are now plenty of fashionable options that will allow you to show off your figure throughout pregnancy... And let’s not even get started on the adorable baby clothes out there! This is probably one shopping spree your partner will approve of.

Pampering from strangers

It isn’t incredibly logical, but some people seem more inclined to hold the door open for a pregnant woman than one lugging around a baby in a car seat... So take advantage while you can!

Getting to decorate a new space

Let your inner interior designer run free when creating a nursery for your little one. Whether you decide to keep it gender neutral or orient it around the baby’s sex, it’s all but certain this will soon become one of your favorite rooms in the house.

Day dreaming about what's to come

There’s no denying that parenting is difficult, but it is also insanely rewarding. From the first time your little one smiles at your (no matter if it’s gas) to when he or she starts to say “mama,” prepare to be swept off your feet day after day.

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We know pregnancy isn’t always glamorous.

From morning sickness to nonstop bathroom breaks to learning more about your bodily functions than you probably ever wanted to know, it truly takes some sacrifices to grow a human. But, believe us, pregnancy does have perks — beyond the ultimate reward that comes at the end.

For Brandy, a new mom from Colorado, the best part was feeling like she had a constant companion.

“I always had a little buddy with me, someone to talk to on my runs or when I was hiking in the woods. You never feel alone.”

And that’s just the start of the list. From listening to that mesmerizing heartbeat during appointments to the completely acceptable (but sorta crazy) nesting/ shopping trips you’ll make while preparing for the arrival, there are many advantages to balance out those less-than-pleasant pregnancy side-effects.

Celebrating with family and friends

You and your partner aren’t the only one eagerly awaiting baby’s arrival. Chances are your friends and family members are also excited to meet the sweet babe and will probably embrace the chance to toast his or her impending arrival with a mocktail.

Feeling baby kicks

One beautiful part of pregnancy that you can look forward to in the second trimester is feeling those little jabs and kicks. In time, they will get stronger and very well might stop you in your tracks, but they really never get old.

Having fabulous hair and nails

Almost from the moment that pregnancy test comes back positive, you’ll probably start to notice your nails and hair need to be trimmed twice as often. Take advantage of your lustrous locks with a special style and your super strong nails by getting an extra manicure or two.

A very important letter for new mamas

Listen, mom-guilt is a dirty liar. Yes, it's your job to fill your little human's needs, but you matter too. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Hang out with friends, take a drive blaring 90's hip hop or shower without interruptions—trust me, you'll be a better person (and mom) because of it.

Dear new mom,

You will shave again someday. Today is not that day.

Set expectations low, my friend, and set your partner's lower—at least where body hair and overall hygiene are concerned.

That conversation could go something like this: “From now on let's not consider shaving a “standard," but more like a gift that happens on birthdays and the first day of summer."

Voila, you are a gift-giving genius. You know what else is a gift? Shaving the inch and a half of skin that is between your skinny jeans and your boots. You're welcome world.

You will not be perfect at parenting.


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