If you know me well, you know I am a crier. I cry relatively easily. I cry when I am nervous, embarrassed, mad, sad, happy...It’s a good time.

So, yeah, I’m used to crying. But man, when I’m pregnant, it’s on another level. People probably think I am insane or maybe unstable. (I am neither, I swear.) But it’s all good. I’m doing okay. Just letting those emotions flow, baby. ?

I mean, what you and your body go through during pregnancy is wild. Your hormones are up and down and back and forth and basically...all over the place. So it’s no surprise that you can go from crying to laughing to snapping at your husband in a matter of minutes (sorry, dear).

It can definitely be frustrating—especially when you feel like you’re going crazy, but it can also be really funny (in the in-between moments when you are not crying, of course.)

So I decided to recount some of the most ridiculous things I’ve cried about during my three pregnancies. Because why not take a trip down the embarrassing-crying-memory-lane?

Food related incidents

When my husband threw away perfectly good cookie dough that was waiting for me to pop in the oven.

When I realized my husband took the good leftovers to work for lunch. I had been thinking about them all morning!

When they brought out the meal I didn’t order and had to wait for my correct order.

When I wanted a specific ice cream but the ice cream place was closed.

When I sat in the drive-through line at McDonald’s because I wanted it so badly but also felt slightly shameful for feeding it to my baby. ?

When I woke up and really wanted a snack in the middle of the night, but didn’t want to get up.

When I had to fork over the last cookie to my toddler to avoid a tantrum. (Although, I basically had a tantrum myself...)

New baby I-can’t-handle-the-cuteness thoughts

Watching my husband paint the nursery.

Washing the small, tiny, soon-to-be worn baby clothes.

Thinking of what life will be like when the baby gets here—we are all so excited!

When I picture my older girls holding our new baby or how she’ll lay on my chest or what my husband will look like holding her.

When I held my new niece. ?

Seeing the crib set up and the diaper station ready and the beautiful swaddle blankets folded—basically watching our dream become a reality.

Our Freshly Picked moccasins arriving in the mail!

Moments of frustration

When I forgot my headphones for a work call I had to take in the car while driving and instead had to do it on speakerphone which woke up my peaceful napping toddler.

When I stubbed my toe on my bedpost. OUCH.

When I couldn’t see over my belly and tripped over blocks. And a baby Elsa doll. And a doctor’s kit... ?

When I realized I never took meat out for dinner and then had very little options.

When I broke my phone. And couldn’t find my keys. And forgot my doctor’s appointment. And basically couldn’t remember anything.

When I legitimately couldn’t get out of bed without my husband giving me a boost.

Watching my body grow and change and stretch—I cried tears of both shock and awe.

Emotional overload

Finding out I was pregnant. (I mean, let’s start at the very beginning...)

Watching the University of Phoenix commercials. #Tearjerkers

Every single episode second of Parenthood. Those Bravermans really get me!

While watching Inside Out with my toddler. And Big Hero 6. And The Lion King. And Up. And Finding Nemo...

When I figured out there were no more episodes of Hart of Dixie once I finished binge watching seasons 1-4. Bring it back! Why did you do this to me, Rachel Bilson?!

Anytime Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ comes on my iTunes shuffle. ??

Anything Shonda Rhimes makes, says, and/or does. Are you trying to ruin me, woman?!

Reading all the beautiful essays on Motherly. Seriously. I can’t even handle my own job.

Watching pregnancy announcement videos on YouTube. Don’t do it. Just don’t