When the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to fall, that can only mean one thing: It's time to bring out the cutest, most adorable Halloween costumes you've ever seen. And because Halloween only comes once a year, and this is the youngest our kids will ever be, it gives us a great excuse to go all out on your baby's first Halloween costume (whether we'll be trick-or-treating or not).

Sure, we love family costumes, but nothing warrants the biggest smiles and laughs like baby Halloween costumes. From pumpkins and candy to mini ghosts and celebrities, these baby costumes are sure to make your baby's first Halloween a memorable one!

Forget the Halloween candy, if you're looking for sweetness, check out these adorable baby and toddler Halloween costumes:

We know the perfect theme song to go with this baby Halloween shark costume





Dessert never looked so sweet





We want to eat this right up





The sweetest drink at Starbucks!





Because when else will they let you dress them like a chicken?





Granny knows best





Lucky lil' ladybug





The cutest garden gnome you ever did see!










A cozy hat that doubles as a Cabbage Patch wig? Costume complete!





To infinity...AND BEYOND!





What has 8 legs and a whole lotta cuteness?





Pubert! (Real 'Addams Family' fans know)





Will the REAL Wonder Woman please stand up? (She can't, OK, she's A BABY) 😍





The cutest pumpkin at the patch!





They look like they know where the milk is





There's no place like home!





Give this little Pooh bear ALLLLLL the hunny!





The cuddliest bat on the block





Come on Barbie, let's go party!





A teeny tiny skeleton!





And they call it..."puppy love" 🎶





Because you're never too young for Harry Potter