With the arrival of a new baby, the only thing that multiplies faster than dirty diapers are photos and video of that new little cutie. If you don't already store your photos, video, music and important documents on an external hard drive, now is a great time to start. It will save space on your computer, allow your collection to grow even if you change computers, and both you and your spouse can easily contribute. But one copy isn’t enough. Redundancy is key, and having an automatic online backup service will keep you safe should disaster strike. Don’t we hate disasters?

But while online services can be an easy solution, whether free or paid, it’s important to know that not all online storage accounts are going to be good backup solutions. Check to see if retrieving your files will be easy and occur in batches versus downloading each image or video individually. Also, let your phone do the work. Set mobile device images to automatically upload to cloud storage or your computer so you have them all in one location. For example, if you have an iPhone photo stream, you can do this via iCloud to iPhoto, or Google+ App to Picasa Web Albums or Sugar Sync.

Here are the online photo services with mobile apps that we’re backing up at the moment. Happy Streaming.

CrashPlan: This free version allows remote backup to a friend or family member’s computer. Monthly plans (Crashplan+) include online storage from $32.99/year for 10 GB or $60 for unlimited space.

Pro: There’s free backup to remote computers, whole computer backup and restore. Gift subscriptions are available.

Con: Plans priced per computer -- two cost $149.99 a year, with unlimited backup.

SugarSync: This service syncs files from your computers and mobile devices to the cloud. It has photo albums you can share, allowing hi-res downloads without requiring your family and friends to register. One account enables both you and your spouse to contribute, keeping everything in a central place. From $4.99 per month for 30GB.

Pro: It has easy photo/video sharing, can sync from many devices to each other and to the cloud so you always have files with you, and offers 5GB free.

Con: It’s more pricey than others, you have to manually upload photos and video from camera roll unless you shoot it from their app, and there’s no full computer restore.

Carbonite Home: This service backs up your irreplaceable files – like photos,

documents and more – automatically, to the cloud. $59/year for unlimited storage

Pro: The yearly price includes unlimited backup, there’s a free 15-day trial, plus a Mirror Image backup (full computer restore) of your hard drive with the $99 Plus version (Windows only).

Con: There’s just one computer per plan, no external hard drive back-up for Mac users or features of the Plus or Premier plans, and no sharing like Sugar Sync.

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