Sometimes roses can seem out-dated, old-fashioned and down-right grandmotherly. You know what isn't passé? Rose gold jewelry. Want to add some edge to your beloved collection of yellow gold and shiny silver? Add some rose gold to your jewelry box, starting with these shiny stunners.

1. Henri Bendel Resin Claw

On the hottest days of summer, the feeling of hair on the back of your neck can just add to the stickiness. Stay fresh and elegant with this rose gold claw clip exclusively from Henri Bendel. $38

2. Unearthen Mini Prism Ring

No one likes to mention how much swelling goes on with the feet and hands when you are carrying a baby. This sweet, open prism ring in rose gold with quartz crystals from Unearthen is just the trick to make your fingers feel fancy free. $220

3. Kate Spade New York Rose Gold Carlyle Bangle Watch

This pretty, yet practical Kate Spade New York bangle watch has a sweet bow detail -- it’s a subtle reminder that the greatest gift of all is on the way. $225

4. Made Her Think Rose Gold Tusk Posts

Just because you’re about to be a mom doesn't mean you have to go on the straight and narrow. This asymmetrical pair of tear-shaped smokey quartz earrings from Made Her Think delivers the perfect amount of edginess with a claw tusk as one backing. For a more classic look, remove the tusk and wear them as petite teardrop studs. $225

5. Shashi Rose Gold Nugget Bracelet

It's summer and it is a HOT one, especially if you are doing everything for two. Don't let the heat keep you from looking put together. Go ahead and throw on that easy maxi dress, just be sure to load up your arm with a bit of shine. This woven cord Rose Gold Nugget Bracelet from Shashi will add sparkle to the most casual of summer outfits. $20