Ayisha Neogy Kalin


Owner and operator of the Local Juice Shop (cold-press juice delivery to businesses in DUMBO)

Pregnancy # 2

How do you approach pregnant style?

Comfort, comfort, comfort... plus bright colors and pretty accessories.

Have you had any challenges learning how to dress this new pregnant body of yours or has it been easier than you expected?

I resisted buying maternity clothes because of the short term-ness of them, but I was so uncomfortable in my non-natal clothes that I compromised and treated myself to one new outfit, plus lots of stuff from Buffalo Exchange.

What are your favorite maternity fashion pieces?

Bright bracelets, bold earrings and slip-on shoes.

So far what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

The biggest surprise is how much I crave sweet things.

Any advice for NYC women when it comes to pregnancy fashion?

Love yourself, be bright and be comfortable.