Name: Sarah Robb

Neighborhood: Windsor Terrace

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Number Pregnancy: 2

How would you describe your pregnant style?

Being a teacher and a mom, I find myself wearing anything that is easy to wash. Comfortable and practical. However, I look for pieces that have fun and funky prints or graphics. I love pairing my outfits with shoes that shine or tall boots to give a little sass. It's hard for kids to make a mess on your shoes.

Have you had any challenges learning to dress your pregnant body this time around?

My body changed so quickly with my second pregnancy that I wasn't prepared... mentally or in my closet. Pieces I could wear in the summer with my first, I couldn't with my second. Now into the fall, my jeans are snug and my coats will not button. More shopping. I guess not a bad challenge to have.

So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

I knew finding time to exercise would be tricky but so has been finding the energy. With my first, I wanted to keep my post-marathon endurance intact. For the most part, I did. With this pregnancy, I'm just hoping to stay awake past 7 p.m. The exhaustion is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I guess running after a 2-year-old and keeping up with fifth graders is my exercise.

What’s been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump?

I love wearing my simple blue Isabella Oliver ruched tank dress. I wear Brooklyn Industry tees over it and tank tops in the summer. Heels, flats and loafers all look cute. It's so versatile. Shoes are my most important purchase because I'm on my feet all day. Dansko sandals with adjustable straps are great for swelling feet.

What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby?

My husband and I love baseball. I can't wait to take our crew to Citi Field for their first game. I look forward to watching my kids splash in the water parks, chase each other around the zoo and have adventures on the subway.

Photography by Evan Gubernick of 485 Creative.