Name: Marissa Lerer

Neighborhood: Park Slope, Brooklyn

Occupation: VP of Technology, Cake Decorator, Musician

Number Pregnancy: First (and Last!)...with twins!

How would you describe your pregnant style?

Fairly casual and comfortable -- mostly jeans and tight t-shirts. It's the one time in my life that I want to show off the belly!

Have you had any challenges learning to dress your pregnant body?

Actually it hasn't been that bad. Because of the twins, I've been in maternity pants since six weeks, so once I just resigned myself to that, I've had a pretty easy time. I don't know why they don't make all jeans like maternity jeans.

So far, what has surprised you most during your pregnancy?

How awful I feel. I've had sinus infections, stomach flus, colds and costochondritis. On top of being pregnant, that is rough! I'm also surprised at how tired I've been, and how emotional. My poor husband! And I have hobbit feet. Also, I'm shocked that no one will give you a seat on the subway.

What's been your favorite pregnancy piece or brand to show off your bump?

I'm totally obsessed with my DVF wrap dresses. They aren't maternity but they wrap perfectly around the belly. I would wear them every day if I could. I'm also loving my Gap maternity jeans and my Motherhood t-shirts.

What NYC experience are you most looking forward to sharing with your baby?

I'm excited about all the children's music around town. I have this funny feeling my kids will be musical. Also I'm looking forward to zoo memberships.

Photos by Sara Kalish Photography.

Photos shot on location at the ducduc showroom in NYC.