The added weight of carrying an extra person within you gets tough on your tootsies. But that doesn’t mean you should go all Easy Spirits on us. These high tops will help you make a statement while remaining grounded.

1. Chloé Snakeskin Combo High Top

Never going to give up on your designer shoe habit? You don't have to forsake quilting and snakeskin for comfort with these gorgeous leather kicks from Chloe. $695.00

2. Vans Leopard Authentic Hi

Just because you are wearing sneakers doesn't mean you have to lose your sex appeal. Nothing says femininity louder than a leopard print. Pair these Vans with some skinny jeans and you are one hot mama. $65.00.

3. Converse Chuck Taylor Stars

Fact: You can never have too many All Stars. Fact: The classic high top will never go out of style. Fact: Stars scream summertime. Done deal. $60.00.

4. adidas Originals Honey Stripes Mid Shoes

Keep cool by pairing these classic canvas adidas Honey Stripes MId in pastel yellow with a relaxed chambray shirt. $55.00.

5. Nike Dunk High Premium Liberty iD

If you haven't noticed by now, I am a lover of prints, especially the famous Liberty London florals. You can customize to your heart's content with these Nike iD Dunks in an array of colors. $150.00.