Those first few weeks or months postpartum can feel like it's all baby, all the time. And while we know that adorable little one requires a lot of care, we think mama deserves some lovin' too. Thankfully, so do our friends at one of our favorite safe beauty brands, Beautycounter. Which is why they were the perfect partner to help us bring some new NYC moms an indulgent afternoon of beauty, fashion and wellness at our first WRNY Out of Office event.

There's truly no better indulgence than giving yourself permission to focus on your skin. So to kick off our event at Birth Day Presence in Brooklyn, Beautycounter's super-smart and savvy Mia Davis, head of health & safety (who's also a new mom!), empowered attendees with some knowledge about the beauty industry and safe skin. Moms even got to dig into Beautycounter's new cosmetics line to see that being safe doesn't mean sacrificing performance.

Because eventually you do have to take off those yoga pants, we also brought in postpartum fashion expert Sasadi Odunsi of Bump Brooklyn to show off stylish options that are nursing, belly and teething-friendly. Jada Shapiro of Birth Day Presence addressed the mass of emotions that accompany motherhood, and Urbansitter was on hand to assist with those gorgeous little ones (some were as tiny as 5-weeks!).

In between speakers, guests posed for the talented Desiree Walters Photography in our Mom + Baby Photobooth, noshed on some healthy eats sponsored by Earth's Best, and took part in some adult conversation--which, after a few weeks home with someone that doesn't know how to speak yet, can be indulgent all on its own.

To sweeten the afternoon, there were major raffle prizes from Beautycounter, Loyal Hana, Urbansitter, LeSportsac and Bump Brooklyn. And every guest went home with a Hatch Things Sureshop bag (no more stroller tipping!) filled with goodies from Beautycounter, Bamboobies, Piyo Piyo, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Earth's Best, LeSportsac and Bump Water.

A big thank-you to Beautycounter and our sponsors, as well as all those new moms who indulged us in a fabulous afternoon. We know, it looked super-fun, right? It was. Don't worry, we'll see you at the next one.

Photography by Desiree Walters Photography.