Shoes are something that get all of us pregnant women in a tizzy, right? We love them, but then frustration sets in as the bump grows, the weight we're carrying gets heavier and suddenly it's harder to get from Point A to Point B. Ahhh, city loving. But, cute shoes aren't really something you should have to sacrifice while you're expecting, gals. There are lots of ways around it, whether you're wearing heels or flats. And, hey, there's no judgement here either way. After all, they're your feet!

So, let's go through it by trimester, shall we?

First Trimester: During the first few months, it's really no big deal. That's why you should totally rock every shoe you can, while you can. Your feet are in tip-top shape, although you might be lazing around on the couch much more than moving around, depending how you're feeling these days. During my first trimester, I continued to wear my favorite heels and wedges without blinking an eye. And, of course, no one really knows you're pregnant, so there's that, too. Rock those heels, and you'll definitely have them second-guessing themselves. Wink.

Second Trimester: The second trimester is when a lot of girls start to shed the heels, and that's cool. But, really it's about finding the right heel to wear during this time. You want something with lots of cushion, that fits your foot just right. Now's not the time to try to squeeze into the shoe you bought a half size down. It's ok, it will be there waiting on you post-pregnancy...so no meltdowns, ok? And if you're going to wear heels to an event, just make sure you bring an extra pair of flats to change into. The key to wearing heels now is to limit your time in them, that's all. And you can then begin to transition to cuter styles that have lower heels, and even wedge sneakers that I'm a major fan of, always.

Third Trimester: Which transitions me to the third trimester when I wear wedge sneakers all the time. Sometimes I find them more comfortable than flats (I know, gasp!) because they do have the extra cushion and all-around support on the foot, versus a flat that keeps your foot flat on the pavement. If a flat has been worn too much, it's definitely hard on the feet. So, look for super-cute, cushiony flats for this last homestretch.

And speaking of stretch, find stretchy flats that are more forgiving. I love the kind that folds up after you wear, not only for transporting them around, but they are more comfortable and conform to the natural shape of the foot.

No matter what style or height of shoe you choose while you're expecting, never sacrifice your style. Got that? Never! Have fun -- sequins, bows, polka dots. Shoes are something you can totally get away with adding lots of prints and color. So much easier than an outfit these days, eh? And don't get discouraged if you have to go up a size, soon enough your feet will be back to normal and you'll be back in those ankle-strap stilettos in no time.