There's something so intriguing about what goes on inside another woman's handbag since this one essential accessory basically contains your entire life. When you graduate from handbag to diaper bag, this new accessory quickly becomes your lifeline. And what you put inside of it can tell a lot about what style parent you are...and how long you'll actually survive in the wild without having to return home (or stop by your nearest baby shop) for backup. Recently the founder of the handbag company Kempton & Co. let us inside her diaper bag. And let us tell you, the inside is just as cool, calm and collected as the outside. “When I design our diaper bags, I am constantly thinking about all of the things I use as a mama and really need. I try to build in space for all the things we mommies need to stay organized and stay sane," she says. Here's Fiona Kempton's 6 diaper bag must-haves. 1. John Lewis Muslin Squares I came across these burp cloths and use them for so many different purposes. They are the softest ever burp cloths! 2. Kempton & Co MTK Ecru Beach Pouch Our Kempton and Co. canvas pouches are great for diapers, wipes and snacks/pumps etc. They're also an easy grab and go item to take to the restroom when out with the baby in NYC 3. But-Bag This the IT wipes case if you just want to take a small bag, pouch or handbag as your diaper bag. Even though I have plenty of diaper bags to choose from sometimes I just want to have a small bag with me. 4. Bucket-Bib Giraffe Giggles You can't leave home ever without a bib in tow. This one is easy to clean and soft and since you can wipe it down it's better for the environment. 5. Tata Harper Be Fierce Lip Balm Of course there's plenty of things in my diaper bag that I need too. I can't leave home without a lip balm and my favorite is Tata Harper's Be Fierce Lip Balm 6. Foxy & Winston Organic Muslin Baby Swaddles I'm a big beach mama so having the right gear with me to stay out of the sun is essential. We use this Blanket/Swaddle/Suncover which is easy to pack and multipurpose.