When you work at a fashion company that's one of the biggest names in women's jeans, having a growing belly can be a blessing and a curse. The bummer part? Most of those cool denim styles are off-limits for a big part of your 9-month stretch. The exciting part is there's endless inspiration for dressing your bump in ways most of your pregnant friends never dreamt about. Nicole Neves is case in point. As director of PR and events at Guess, this LA mama makes maternity style look effortless on her blog (and Instagram feed) My Sequin Life. From casual weekend wear to a night on the town, her blooming belly is just another one of her creative accessories. Here she dishes on life in LA as she prepares for her second son, and shows off some of her greatest fashion hits while pregnant. (Note: Nicole gave birth to baby boy Nixon earlier this month. Congratulations!) How would you describe your maternity style? My maternity style is really no different than my personal style when I'm not pregnant. I love anything from a great bohemian dress to an edgier leather piece. To me, it's about making it look effortless and feeling great in whatever I'm wearing. Some days that could mean throwing on sexy heels. Other days, it's comfy Nike sneakers. Both can be stylish in different ways. How does working in the fashion world contributes to your pregnancy style? I'm inspired every day. I'm working with fashion designers, editors and bloggers who are adventurous and ahead of all the trends. Social media like Instagram and Pinterest has also helped me to follow great fashion influencers from around the world. All of these great motivators push me to be creative with my own fashion. Even though I'm pregnant, I still want to look and feel great, and this comes out in my personal style. What are your favorite “belly-friendly" brands--maternity or not? What have been some of your staples throughout your pregnancy? I try to stick to belly-friendly brands only--no “maternity" pieces. I want to be able to wear the clothes after I'm pregnant. The best way to accomplish this is to go for dresses and pants with a stretchy waist. Some of my favorite brands are: ASOS, Zara, Forever 21, For Love and Lemons, Lovers + Friends and TopShop. I'm also obsessed with sneakers and wear them with dresses, shorts or leggings. A few of my faves are: these Nikes, these Nikes, and these Steve Madden Slip-ons. How have you balanced this pregnancy with motherhood and your full-time job? It's a challenge, no doubt, but all bring such joy to my life that I make it work. I have a supportive and hands-on husband who understands that my career is important to me. We're a great team and support each other, and in the end we always find a way to make our schedules work (while carving out plenty of quality family time, of course). What are you plans for work post-baby? How was your re-entry into the work world the first time, and what are your expectations this time around? Plans for work post-baby are to go back and start the juggling act all over again. My re-entry into the work world the first time around was difficult, but I made a conscious effort to focus on the quality of time with my son--since quantity wasn't necessarily an option. Right now it's tough to imagine the craziness of going back to work having two kids. Mornings are going to be the most challenging. Trying to get two kids dressed and fed, plus get myself ready--not to mention a “stylish" ready--YIKES!!! Having done it once, what's your advice for women planning to return to work after baby? Don't feel bad about having career ambitions … and cut yourself some slack! I felt like a tightly wound ball of guilt when I went back to work. I felt like I was letting everyone down--family, friends, coworkers, etc. All you can do is try your best in all that you do. Everyone else around you will love and support you through it all. What are you most nervous or excited for when baby arrives? I can't wait to see how my first son is going to react when we bring a baby home with us. It will definitely be a special moment that I'll never forget. Tell us about an indulgent pregnancy day in LA.

  • Breakfast at Superba Food + Bread. I'd sit outside with a delicious pastry, homemade granola with Greek yogurt, or their Kaya toast.
  • Stop by Eggy. It has cool brands for boys like Munster Kids and NuNuNu.
  • Then a manicure at Mars. I LOVE nail art and this is a beautiful nail salon that creates amazing designs.
  • Lunch or dinner at Gjelina. Try to land a spot on the back patio and order any of their wood-roasted vegetable dishes (MUSHROOM TOAST!) ... and probably a pizza. Because I deserve it.
  • Next would be a spa afternoon at Burke Williams. I'd get the Relaxation Bubble Bath and Pregnancy Massage.
  • And finally, I'd make these shopping stops in Santa Monica: Zara for Mommy; Kitson for some funny and stylish kid's clothes; Firefly and Kid Firefly .The adult Firefly is filled with great books, home décor, clothes and much, much more, and the kid Firefly is a great place for kids' clothes and toys.