Mamas are constantly busy—we're usually running around taking care of everyone else so finding a moment for ourselves is almost impossible. Because of this, sadly, our hair is the first to suffer. *Raise your hand if you go through a bottle of dry shampoo a week.*

But mamas deserve to feel put together, too. What if we told you your next hairstyle can be crafted while waiting for your kids in the pick up line at school? Sound too good to be true? It's not.

Grab 10 minutes today and try one of these super-easy styles that you can put together quickly, without a mirror.

1. The roll and tuck

The roll and tuck is gorgeous and easily customizable. Simply tuck tighter or looser for a different look, and leave more or less hair out of the tuck depending on your comfort level. This will work for all hair types, but the most volume will happen with textured, curly or thick hair. You're a hair tie and a few bobby pins away from a fresh look!

2. The classic top knot

Moms are no strangers to the messy bun, but for a different look, pull the bun to the tip top of your head and you are instantly on-trend with a top knot. Pull out a few small hairs at your temples to add a pop around your face, but not too many to annoy you.

3. The chignon

Did we mention this style is the easiest? It's just a low pony, a little action, tuck, pin and voila! You can also add some fun by adding a scarf or scrunchie around the base of the style.

4. The pulled-back side braid

A simple pinned-back side braid can help pull those stray hairs out of your face while changing diapers or making dinner. It'll tuck well into a ponytail, too.

5. The pixie cut

Pixie cuts and bobs look super chic when done right. It takes major guts to make this leap, but lots of mamas find that after post-pregnancy hair loss, starting from scratch is the way to go. In this case, your everyday hair routine can drop to two minutes. Just shake and go!

6. The frohawk

For mamas with textured or curly hair, regular ponytails can look too harsh. Pulling your hair back into a frohawk, however, allows you to maintain the texture in front and have a fun poof on top. You can also make a loose ponytail and pin your curls in a messy bun/poof. Bonus points for twisting a few sections of hair before pinning.

7. Messy low buns

This look works with virtually every length of hair. Simply separate hair into three or four sections, make tiny low buns with each section and pin. Done and done!

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