As a kid, I remember growing up watching my mom beautify herself each morning. A cream, eyeliner and lipstick were the staples in her daily routine. It seemed pretty simple, and yet she was able to look glam even with pajamas on.

As I became an awkward teen, the discovery of blackheads and monthly zits consumed my very fragile (aka hormonal) teen mind. Not to mention pummeled my confidence. My BFFs and I would spend hours down the aisles of CVS searching for the next fix. Clearasil, Oxy and Neutrogena became our drugs of choice and household staples along with N ‘Sync and Brittany. Don’t even get me started on hair product-- and this was only the beginning.

My twenties, while filled with more confidence, were also fueled by more layers of makeup. And also more dandruff and “t-zone dilemmas.” I blamed it on my olive Latin skin. Certainly it wasn’t all the cocktail hours, late nights and meals at my desk. Obvi.

Except after reading Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore, I realize it totally was. And this past holiday season, when I was dragging ass and poking at my dry skin and examining the fine lines making their debuts, I now realize once again it was my poor eating and drinking choices that were to blame.

Grigore, the founder of one of our fave healthy skincare lines S.W. Basics, totally awakens us in the kindest way possible in her book Skin Cleanse. She dedicates a large part of her book to diet--while we should know by now that diet affects the way we feel, Grigore solidifies that it also affects the way we look. That’s right, not even $300 department store creams can save your skin from all those fries and pies you consumed last weekend. In fact, they could be harming you with their long lists of unreadable--and um, toxic--ingredients on the label. Of course, Grigore's going to make you detox your beauty bag too. And go makeup-free for a few days. (We promise this will all be worth it!)

The book also asks us to reflect on our roots. It turns out that the generations before us actually did have an influence on our skin, and more specifically the type of diet that’s best for our skin. Having stomach troubles or skin flare ups? Grigore says to take a look at what your grandmother ate, it might just work in your favor.

Grigore's skincare program involves looking at all of your habits from the inside out by keeping a detailed journal of everything you do. Chances are if your skin is rebelling, different parts of your body probably are too. And if you’re pregnant, the last thing you want is a body that’s rebelling while it’s growing! The good news is that by making some healthy changes in your life--healthy eating, sleep, hydration and a stress-free lifestyle are among Grigore’s biggest tips--your skin will not only appear better but you’ll also feel better.

We love all of Grigore’s delicious and skin nourishing recipes throughout the book. Pumpkin Pie Glow Mask anyone? We knew that would get your attention. But really one our favorite parts about this book is the fact that women (especially teen girls and of course pregnant mamas struggling with hormonal skin) have this book to change the way we all handle our skin. It’s time to show the largest organ of our body the respect it deserves and Skin Cleanse is here to guide us. Get your copy here!

Want to get started cleansing ASAP? Get Grigore's recipe for a DIY stretch mark cream here!

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