For #MotherlyStories | While I do feel like the first two months of my daughter Vivi’s life have gone by quickly, I also feel like they haven’t.

Sure, a lot of the (at times restless) nights blend together into one long blur of feedings, but there are also a lot of crystal clear moments.

Moments of joy (the first time she smiled at me!) and moments of “oh Lord, this is never going to end…” (see previously mentioned restless nights).

Fortunately, the good still far outweighs the bad.

Yes, I’m still occasionally doused in puke or frustrated when I can’t find a cause (and therefore a solution) for a screaming fit, but by and large, Vivi is a happy, social baby, and I love being able to watch her change and develop every day.

So what is my 2-month-old doing these days?

Well, I already mentioned the smiling, but it bears repeating because it is so. freaking. cute.

It’s completely my husband’s smile (despite her having my mouth), which I think just makes me love it even more.

She’s also babbling a lot more, discovering new sounds (and, unfortunately for me, new cries) and becoming more and more interactive each week.

And she’s growing like a weed.

Her size three-month leggings are starting to look like flood pants on her gangly little legs, and she’s filled out quite a bit in her belly and cheeks.

(Yes, it’s just as cute as it sounds.)

But along with Vivi’s advancements, the last two months have led to a lot of realizations about myself and parenting as well.

The biggest being that parenting is probably the greatest exercise in humility you will ever encounter.

Before I became a mom, I thought I had life figured out.

I met and married an amazing man.

I had a career I was proud of.

I knew how much time it took me to get dressed and out of the door in the morning.

But now, each day is a new adventure, and I don’t know what’s around each bend in the road.

I’m realizing that just as my daughter is new to this world—so am I. We are figuring it out together.

And there’s simply no room to be cocky as a new parent because your baby is essentially a brand new person every day.

Sure, your baby rolled over early and is a champion breastfeeder.

But you know what else?

She also screams during the entirety of tummy time and projectile vomits when she accidentally eats too much too quickly.

Yup, bet you’re feeling real advanced when your ears are ringing and you’re wiping spit-up out of your hair with a baby wipe.

(Because, sorry, you’re not getting a real shower until afternoon nap time.)

At least once a day, I get an awesome feeling of, “I’ve GOT this.

But thoughts of “I think I’m doing pretty well” are usually swiftly followed by a crushing feeling of, “I am DEFINITELY screwing all of this up.”

And, “What was I thinking having a baby?!”

It’s those moments when those little moments of eye contact and baby grins really come in handy.

The point is, it’s better to just stay humble.

When they go well, maybe take a breath before you start sending out those early admission applications to Harvard.

And when they don’t go so well? Try not to take it so personally.

After all, she’ll be a new baby tomorrow.