Paid leave + beyond: 11 companies that have amazing benefits for working parents 👏
Holly Morissette

There's nothing more important than the bond between a newborn baby and their parents. And while an emotional bond and attachment between parents and a child happen overs years of development, the first year is the most important because a baby's brain grows most rapidly in the first 12 months of life.

In fact, According to Scientific American, paid parental leave benefits baby's brain development. Research shows infant's brains form up to a thousand new connections per second, but those connections form best when the babies are exposed to the kind of stimulation parents on paid leave can provide.

Every parent in America should have the chance to bond with their newborn child, and America deserves a national paid leave policy that supports families.

While the nation works on a single policy, there are some very special workplaces stepping up to the plate and leading the way when it comes to helping parents do what they do best: parent.

Here are 11 employers who get it.

3. Pinterest

The folks at Pinterest are doing things a little differently over there and we like it. Not only do moms and dads get four months off, but for the following four weeks after that they will only be required to work once a week but receive full pay.

That's not all; Pinterest will pay for four one-on-one classes with a personal parenting coach. They also cover adoption costs up to $5,000 and surrogacy for up to $20,000. Parental benefits matter to Pinterest and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Check out the full list.

[This post was originally published July 8, 2019. It has been updated.]

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