There are lots of established mom groups both locally and

online but maybe they

never meet at a time that works for you. Maybe you've never clicked with the

group's mission, but have connected with a few member mamas. Have you

considered starting your own mom group?

Check out our tips and if you have any advice on how to

start a group, we'd love to hear it in the comments below!

1. Why start a group - what's your vision?

What is it about the other mom groups that you liked? Didn't

like? Are you filling a void or will you be competing with other options? Do

you have time to devote to getting the group off the ground and the dedication

to maintain it? What is your vision of what the group is now at its inception

and where do you see it progressing in the future?

2. Who would you like to include as members?

Do you want to open your group to the public or would you

like to keep it to mamas you know and trust, or maybe other moms in your

church/library/community center? Will there be flexibility for accepted members

to bring in other friends?

3. What will you do at meet-ups?

Is your vision to have a support group, or will the kiddos

be the main event with adult interaction secondary? Why not tap into the former

professional talents of your fellow mamas for structured meetings? For example,

your former accountant member mama can lead a counting game at one meeting, the

former teacher can host a special story time, or the former musician can bring

some of her instruments for show-and-tell and music-making!

You can also plan “field trips" to a local farm stand,

children's museum, beach, etc. Contact local businesses, which may welcome

small groups for tours – perhaps the bakery will allow your group to watch how

they decorate a cake (provided you purchase some sweets after the tour). Be

clear about the activities you'd like to provide so you'll never be floundering

for something to do, but also keep your options open to adventure.

4. Where/when will you meet?

Will your local church, library, or community center allow

you to reserve a room for low or no cost? Are you willing to open your home for

meet-ups, would you prefer to have each member take a turn, or should you only

meet in public places? Again, contact your local businesses – coffee shops and

casual restaurants (provided they have the space), sometimes love to have small

groups meet, especially mid-morning on a weekday when they normally would not

bring in significant income. Ensure that you're a good neighbor, however, and

always clean up after your meeting.

5. How will you communicate with members or the public?

If your church/library/community center is hosting, you may

be able to include a notice in the bulletin or newsletter, as well as the

organization's website or Facebook page. You can also create a private Facebook

group for members only, or open up privacy restrictions to have the page

viewable by the public. Open a group page on

or if you're web-savvy, start your own website.

This may sound like you've just created a new full-time job

for yourself, but don't make the process stressful. Go back to our first

question and remind yourself why you're starting this group in the first place.

What's your vision? Take it one step at a time and remember – if you want it,

you can do it, mama.

Have you formed a mom group? What words of wisdom can you

share? Tell us below!