If you've been pregnant some time during the last 14 years, there's a good chance Olivia Capone Myers helped build your wardrobe. She's worked her way up at Destination Maternity from a design assistant to design director at A Pea in the Pod and now serves as style director for all three of the company's brands (Motherhood Maternity, Destination Maternity and A Pea in the Pod). Suffice it to say, she knew a whole lot about pregnancy style well before her 18-month-old son Greyson was ever in the picture.

These days, her little one plays a big role in her day-to-day, whether she's at home or in her office in the Northern Liberties neighborhood in Philadelphia. Being a mom (and having experienced pregnancy relatively recently) certainly inspires her design strategy, and her content and direction as Editor-in-Chief of the Destination Maternity blog.

But it's also impacted her workflow. Balance, Capone Myers says, is still “day to day," but it helps that she's pared down to what's really important and cut out the clutter. “I'm a perfectionist, so in order for me to continue to work and be really passionate about what I do, I had to simplify things once I had Greyson. And I had to learn to ask people for help."

Another saving grace? Staying organized. "Having a schedule helps me be the best mom I can be and the best at my job that I can be."

Below, the style maven gives WRNY a glimpse of her day-to-day, from Greyson's first sleepy smile to the last instagram check just before bed.

Some days, if I have an event or an early meeting, I get out of bed before my son rises to get myself ready first. Other days, like today, I awake to hearing Greyson chatting in his crib. He is always such a happy baby and seeing his big smile as he's staring back at me just makes my day. I always give Grey his breakfast in the morning. It's a nice routine for both of us. He's just starting to use a fork and spoon so our mornings can be pretty messy!

After Grey's breakfast, I usually have a quick granola bar and coffee to hold me until I get in the office while I check in on emails and our social media channels. That morning, we were focused on announcing some exciting launches including A Pea in the Pod®'s collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff ®, and a collection of necklaces from Maya Brenner, available now at Destination Maternity® Madison Avenue.

Since I am keeping up with the social feeds of all three of our brands Destination Maternity, Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod and the latest celebrity, blogger and mom-to-be happenings, it's important for me to get a handle on what's going on first thing!

I usually take a few minutes after emails to hang with Grey. We read lots of books and play in our living room. Grey is totally into our vintage record player, too, so today he's especially interested in listening to some vinyl before I head to the office. He'll pick out a record all by himself; today Sly and the Family Stone are serenading us! Grey shakes his finger and body to the music and it's pretty awesome. I have to say, moments like this make a hectic morning worth it.

Today I had a photo shoot scheduled for some new head shots, so I headed right to the studio. It's pretty sweet that one of my favorite local photographers, Trevor Dixon, has a studio not far from our offices. We had some fun!

We took a couple shots using natural and artificial light and got some nice images. Many people don't know, but I studied dance and theatre for years before becoming a designer and now style director, which has helped me loosen up in front of the camera.

After my shoot, I actually stayed on set for a Motherhood Maternity® Spring photo shoot to help with styling. One of the things that I love about my position with Destination Maternity is that we offer clothing that ranges in price points so I get to put together looks that work for any and every budget. Helping pregnant women and new moms look and feel their best is always our focus and I love how I am able to share tips and tricks in new and creative ways each day.

Lunch is at a local coffee bar and café near our offices. Usually its a salad with lots of greens and some protein. Since breakfast is always quick and light, I fuel up at lunch. Today I got to meet up with my husband since he works in Philly as well. Always nice to have a day date with your husband I think, and he makes for a good photographer!

Back to the office to pick out my top picks for a blog post on our collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff. Rebecca Minkoff ® is one of my favorite designers and a mom herself. I love that the collection offers her chic and edgy style sensibility to expecting women and that our clients can continue wearing a brand they loved before pregnancy. Another reason: I love collaborating on maternity collections!

Home from the office. I make it a habit of being home to spend time with Greyson and my husband as much as possible. Grey goes down for the night at 7:30 pm so we have a short window to hang, but it's always quality time together. Tonight we hung outside and played for a bit.

After dinner, the three of us always have snuggles in our room before Greyson goes down for the night. It's my favorite time of day. Then another last look at my iPhone before I unwind for the evening. It's tough to get away from the news feeds and email but I like to check in one last time and make a to-do list for the next day or week.

Photography by Bob Myers